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Solving the Mysteries of the Immune System | Dr. Heather Moday

Solving the Mysteries of the Immune System | Dr. Heather Moday

How does your immune system work? What strengthens your immunity? What weakens it? Don’t feel bad if you don’t know the answers to these questions. Most of us don’t! It’s time to demystify the immune system.


Dr. Heather Moday wants to help you solve the mysteries of your immune system.

As a board-certified allergist and immunologist as well as an integrative and functional medicine physician, Dr. Heather Moday knows her way around the immune system. But the truth is, most people don’t. Heather is part of the Mindbodygreen Collective– a curated group of 50 experts in the wellness space. Through her practice, The Moday Center, she works to empower people to reclaim their health. And in most cases, reclaiming your health means taking a closer look at your immune system. Her new book, “The Immunotype Breakthrough: Your Personalized Plan to Balance Your Immune System, Optimize Health, and Build Lifelong Resilience,” does just that.

In this book, Heather draws on a wealth of cutting edge research and fascinating case studies to explain that the immune system is fluid and significantly influenced by our behaviors, diet, habits, and environment. She identifies four primary Immunotypes—Smoldering, Weak, Hyperactive, and Misguided—that underlie the immune imbalances that commonly lead to disease, chronic inflammation, infection, allergies, and autoimmunity. By identifying your personal immunotype, you can intervene by making focused, individualized, natural lifestyle changes to ensure it functions optimally.

We’ve sure heard quite a bit 

about the immune system and immunity over the last couple of years. But not much of that talk is filled with much background info. The human immune system is a vast network of so many moving parts, all working together to keep you healthy. But there are so many things that can work against that–your diet, your lifestyle and stress all have a role to play in your immunity. In this conversation, Dr. Moday helps us break that all down and explains what you may not realize about how your immune system works.

We have more control over our health than we realize. Which is why I get so excited to have people like Heather on my show. Like me, her entire life’s work is to empower others to take responsibility for their health, their body and their happiness. Yes, Dr. Moday walks us through some of the technical stuff of the medical system. But she also simplifies it in ways that are easy to digest, and gives us some actionable advice to give its best chance at doing its job. So tune in to this insightful episode, and let’s solve the mysteries of the immune system together!


[00:07:38] What is the immune system, exactly?

[00:12:20] The impact of stress on the immune system 

[00:18:30] Breaking down the changes stress makes to your immunity

[00:22:11] Different Immunotypes and what they mean

[00:30:20] How to change our medical system 

[00:36:03] Diet and immune health


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