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The Air We Breathe at Home: Risks and Remedies for Your Health

The Air We Breathe at Home: Risks and Remedies for Your Health

Are we really safe in our own home? 

Join me in this special solo episode of The Darin Olien Show, as I explore the critical topic of indoor air quality and its profound impact on our health, productivity, and longevity. Indoor air pollution is a hidden danger in our modern living conditions, filled with volatile organic compounds from building materials, cleaning products, and everyday household items. With alarming statistics from the World Health Organization linking poor indoor air quality to 3.8 million deaths annually, it’s clear we need to be more aware of the pollutants in our homes.

From molds and pet dander to chemical off-gassing from furniture and paints, we’ll uncover the various sources of indoor air pollution and their adverse effects on our health, including respiratory diseases and exacerbated chronic conditions.

 Tune in as I discuss actionable steps to improve the air quality in your living spaces and take control of your indoor environment for a healthier life.

 Are you ready to improve your indoor air quality, elevate your health, embrace joy, and create a better environment, starting from your own home?

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We also discuss: 

(00:02) – Indoor Air Quality Awareness

(03:43) Poor Air Quality Impacts Health

(10:56 ) Impact of Indoor Air Quality

(17:49) Improving Indoor Air Quality Solutions


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