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The Bitter Truth About Food Waste: How Your Choices Can Make a Difference with Amy Keller of Climate Candy

The Bitter Truth About Food Waste: How Your Choices Can Make a Difference with Amy Keller of Climate Candy

Food is the strongest lever to optimize health and environmental sustainability on Earth. The solution? We need a substantial shift towards plant-based dietary patterns and a 50% reduction in food waste.


In the latest episode of The Darin Olien Show, I sit down with Amy Keller, founder of Climate Candy, to discuss her innovative solution to food waste. We dive into the real issues behind this problem and explore the shifts we can make for the greatest impact.

In our discussion, we talk about the staggering food waste plaguing the nation, and how it affects our economy and soil. We talk about corporate solutions as well as personal solutions we should all incorporate. A planted-based focus could change the issue drastically, and Amy is on a journey to educate the population to do just that. We also dive into school programs and how reducing our consumption of convenience items could help the planet. 

 Amy Keller believes where there is a vision the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself. She has never been satisfied with the status quo and Climate Candy is a catalyst for change. Amy Keller determined a long time ago that whatever business she started, it had to make a positive impact on the planet and people’s health. Climate Candy is a brand designed to have a long-standing and meaningful role in the cultural revolution in upcycled foods and climate change. The success lies in the brand imbued with this sense of mission, personality, and personal values.

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What we discuss…

(02:00) Food Waste and its relation to climate change and the economy 

(11:00) Amy Keller’s climate candy solution

(17:00) Taking the information to the people 

(23:00) The real issue and getting people to do better

(31:30) The change in the soil due to our habits

(33:00) Climate Candy’s goals

(37:00) A plant-based journey
(41:00) Shifts to make for the greatest impact

(47:00) Reducing plastic use 

(55:00) Getting excited about solutions 

(1:04:00) The power of being kind 

(1:07:00) School programs need a change

…and more!


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1 Comment
  • Edward
    Posted at 01:44h, 13 June

    Incredibly insightful discussion, really makes me understand actions we can take to improve the food waste situation and our own health! Thanks Darin!