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The Power of Community: How a Pilgrimage Taught Me the Importance of Social Bonding

The Power of Community: How a Pilgrimage Taught Me the Importance of Social Bonding

Feeling lonely or disconnected lately?


I go rogue in my latest solo episode because I want to discuss rediscovering the importance of connection. I share my recent experience on a pilgrimage to the north of England, where I connected with a group of around 40 people, all with the intention of being open and becoming better versions of themselves. After this experience, I quickly realized the importance of social bonding and connection so I discuss how it can have a profound impact on our overall health and well-being in today’s episode. You don’t want to miss it, so tune in now!


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1 Comment
  • Sharda ten Hove
    Posted at 03:14h, 27 May

    Omgoosness… I didn’t even correct the spelling coz this sharing gave me goosebumps ❤️
    What a gentle powerful message 🙏🏾 💕 Connection is everything. I always share with the kids I’m teaching (as well as my own) that we are not solo beings but social beings, we need each other. Even a bacteria doesn’t like to be alone! I was so touched by your words….a happy grateful tear rolled down my cheek at the end and then I went straight into a yoga class which was just perfect. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO 🙏🏾