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The Truth About Social Media Algorithms: Are They Worth The Risk?

The Truth About Social Media Algorithms: Are They Worth The Risk?

Have you ever thought about what your social media is showing you? And whether you’re in a dangerous echo chamber created by an algorithm?


Social media algorithms are a growing concern. And the influence they have on our lives (and potentially our health) is profound. Algorithms are designed to maximize user engagement and in order to do that they manipulate you so that you keep scrolling.


But is it all bad? And is there anything that we can do?


Join me in this latest solo episode as I explore the dangers of being trapped in echo chambers that reinforce our preexisting views, the impact of cancel culture and how that affects our personal growth. And on the flip side, the positive impact social media has had on sharing powerful activist movements.

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In this episode, I dive into…

(00:00) The true impact of social media algorithms

(08:44) Unpacking the algorithm and the damage of cancel culture

(20:45) Social media’s impact on body image

(25:53) How echo chambers impact polarization

(30:23) Engaging audiences through social media

…and more!


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