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Uncovering The Truth About Alcohol: Is It Worth The Risk?

Uncovering The Truth About Alcohol: Is It Worth The Risk?

Is it ok to have “just one” glass of wine…


Or is even that doing way more harm than good? If you’re on the journey to an alcohol free life or just a little sober curious – this episode is for you!


Join me in this latest solo episode as I explore the complex role alcohol plays in our lives, the emotional attachment we have to it, and the impact social pressure has on how much we drink. The often overlooked health risks that come with drinking any alcohol, practical advice on how to deal with social situations without it, and how to stay true in your stance of being alcohol-free. 


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In this episode, I dive into…

(00:00) Alcohol’s true impact on health and wellness

(24:02) Wine consumption in other diets & the science behind it 

(30:11) How to deal with social pressure when going alcohol free  

…and more!


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