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Understanding Cannabis & the Cannabinoid Systems in the Body | Dr. Eric Goodman

Understanding Cannabis & the Cannabinoid Systems in the Body | Dr. Eric Goodman

Did you know your body has complex cannabinoid systems that can help naturally relieve pain? Science didn’t even know they existed until fairly recently. But if we can understand how these systems work, and why cannabis works so well with them, we could find better solutions for chronic pain.


Dr. Eric Goodman prefers cannabis to painkillers.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Eric has worked with patients experiencing pain for decades. He quickly began thinking outside the box to develop his own pain management solution called Foundation Training. This movement-based technique aims to strengthen the posterior muscles of the body to reduce back, neck, hip and shoulder pain. Since 2007, Dr. Goodman’s Foundation Training has brought innovation and compassion to the chronic pain community. He continues to work tirelessly to improve the lives of those willing to put in the work to heal themselves. Besides writing amazing books on the subject, he’s also co-authored the book Shaping Your Baby’s Foundation with his wife Jen Goodman.

Although Eric knows that posture, exercise, and a healthy diet are all factors that help stop and prevent chronic pain, he also knows there’s more to it than that. Recently, Eric’s work has turned towards the cannabinoid systems of the body. These mysterious systems that naturally fight pain were only discovered by science in the last few decades. And sadly, there’s not nearly enough attention being paid to the fascinating things they can do. In fact, the reason why THC, CBD and cannabis in general work so well to relieve pain is because they work with the body’s natural cannabinoid systems.

I’ve heard more and more people talk 

about the healing powers of cannabis, especially in the areas of pain relief. We know both THC and CBD can help relieve pain, but do we understand why? It’s all because of the body’s cannabinoid systems! These complex cell-signaling systems have been a mystery to scientists until fairly recently. And there’s still so much more to learn. 

In this episode, Eric helps break down the complicated science behind how our cannabinoid systems work. And why cannabis works differently in different forms, and for different people. This episode is not me trying to get you to smoke pot – I’m trying to get you to shift your mindset on pain relief. Prescription painkillers have done more collective harm than good in our society. Can you imagine how life-changing it would be if we could eliminate them for good and instead focus on natural solutions like cannabis? It’s time to dive deeper into the body’s cannabinoid systems.

You can read more about how cannabis can be used to treat chronic pain in my article, How Cannabis Can Be Effective For Chronic Pain Relief.


[00:03:46] What is Foundation Training?

[00:13:00] Cannabinoid systems in the body

[00:23:58] How cannabinoids help you heal

[00:32:01] Saunas and Ice Baths

[00:40:32] Breath control and the cannabinoid systems


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