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Unhealthy Sleeping Patterns | Fatal Conveniences™

Unhealthy Sleeping Patterns | Fatal Conveniences™

Getting ahead of the deadlines is good, but it’s not gain if you sacrifice your sleep hours doing the things you think weigh more than your health. The more you ignore the critical needs of your body, such as sleep, the more your body deteriorates. Putting the job at the forefront doesn’t result in productivity when sleep is intensely deprived.

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Sleep is the foundation of our physical and mental health. Do you want to boost positive energy? Do you want to increase your capacity to focus and think clearly? Get it back in tune with the natural rhythms. Start by giving your body the adequate rest it needs.

Human bodies don’t follow the weekly schedules that we set. The demand for working days increases stress. When you think you are gaining more every time you neglect sleep to keep up with the workload, it actually makes you lose more of your health. No amount of caffeine makes you cognitively sharp than having enough sleep. Adequate rest is a pleasure for your mind and body to restore and accommodate you on your everyday grind.

Don’t get me wrong, we all love to be on top and excel at things we are passionate about. It is the reason why we really push ourselves to be able to emerge to the highest potential and see outstanding results. However, do not forget to invest in your health above all else. Do not take lightly what your physical body does to support you in your everyday activities. To stay oriented and productive, honor the rest your body demands. Get some sleep.

All this and more, on this week’s episode of The Darin Olien Show.

  • [00:02:26] A brief history of sleep
  • [00:11:15] American College of Cardiology 2021 Study
  • [00:11:31] A study about sleep and obesity
  • [00:16:25] A survey about chronic oversleepers
  • [00:17:21] Healthy sleeping pattern

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