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Vegan Food Labels | Fatal Conveniences™

Vegan Food Labels | Fatal Conveniences™

The vegan food label has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. It allows individuals who choose to adopt a vegan lifestyle to easily identify products that align with their dietary choices and values. 
However, the vegan label can also be dangerous, as many people mistakenly believe that just because a food item is vegan, it must be healthy. This makes it confusing for a significant part of the  public to make right decisions about their food intakes.
It’s time for us to start taking a second look at the vegan food labels to see the nasty ingredients hiding within that can be just as detrimental to our health as animal foods. If we want to use plant-based diets for the good of our health and the planet, we need to become educated beyond the labels we see on the front of food packages. Food marketing is scamming us of our health and it’s time for it to end. 
That’s why, in today’s Fatal Convenience, we explore the Vegan Food Label. 

Reliable Sources where you can learn more:

 07:46: How is meat consumption bad for us and the environment?
08:34: The history of veganism
12:09: Do we really need to kill animals to get nutrients?
14:31: Can you be healthy by avoiding dairy and meat?
15:09: What resources can you use to learn more?
16:51: What is this all doing to our digestive systems?
17:37: How can you eat a healthy vegan diet?
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