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Water, Intention and Gratefulness | Tracy Duhs

Water, Intention and Gratefulness | Tracy Duhs

#93 Water, Intention and Gratefulness | Tracy Duhs

Human beings are made up of almost 60% water. And water stores information. What information are you hydrating your body with?


Tracy Duhs is grateful from the moment she wakes up till the moment she falls asleep at night. Are you?

Growing up as an overachiever, Tracy Duhs knew her purpose in life was to help people. She started college at the young age of 15, determined to end up a doctor. But when she began experiencing extreme dehydration issues with her first pregnancy, her passion shifted.

Today, Tracy does indeed help a lot of people, even though she’s not a doctor. She is a modern wellness advocate specializing in the restorative powers of intelligent hydration. In her podcast, HYDRATE, Tracy and her guests discuss all things water and hydration, and how to work it into your life and wellness routine.

In this episode, Tracy and I discuss our shared obsession with drinking the right kind of water and why intention is such an integral part of the wellness journey. Tracy wakes up each day with gratefulness in her heart, and I think that’s something we should all strive for. She is so passionate about helping people live their best, healthiest lives, and I’m so excited to connect with such a vibrant soul.

  • Tracy’s struggles with dehydration
  • From Pre-Med to motherhood
  • Breaking water down to build it back up
  • Humans as vibrational beings
  • Why intent is everything
  • Waking up with gratefulness
  • The power of thought

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Episode Transcript


You are listening to The Darin Olien Show. I’m Darin. I spent the last 20 years devoted to improving health, protecting the environment and finding ways to live a more sustainable life. In this podcast. I have honest conversations with people that inspire me. I hope that through their knowledge and unique perspectives, they’ll inspire you too.

Talk about all kinds of topics from amping up your day diets and improving your wellbeing to the mind-blowing stories behind the human experience and the people that are striving to save us and our incredible planet we’ve invested. Some of life’s fatal conveniences. You know, those things that we are told might be good for us, but totally aren’t.

So here’s to making better choices and the small tweaks in your life, that amount to big changes for you and the people around you and the planet let’s do this. This is my show. The Darin Olien Show.

Everybody! Welcome to the show. I’m Darin Olien. I will be your pilot for this episode of The Darin Olien Show. Stoked. You’re here. What are you doing? What are you into? What are you generating? What are you creating in your life? Do you have habits and routines that are locking you in towards creating.

That you want mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. And I’ve been really drilling down on the goals that I have in each of those categories. And it’s been very empowering. And speaking of empowering, I have an amazing guest that I’ve gotten to know over the years, Tracy Duhs.

She is the founder and navigator of Sanctuary Wellness Experience in San Diego. She also co-founder of Hydrate at the Sanctuary. She’s the director of International Brain Summit. Since she was 16 years old she’s been exploring wellness. She thought she was going to be a doctor and pre-med and all of that stuff.

And from that point on, she became a wellness advocate and educator, her and I both really love the science of water, the importance of true cellular hydration. And we nerd out about that, for sure. So if you love water, You start to understand that water is such a mystery, but also such an advocate for your health and holds things on the quantum level, the chemical level, the biological level, the physical level.

Then you’ll start to understand how important that is. So she takes a multi-dimensional approach to wellness and education. And you really get a kick out of this episode. It was fun. It feels like I’m just sitting down with the sister who’s five and at the same place and same level. So really sit back, relax, enjoy and hope you get a lot out of this incredible guest Tracy Duhs.

Darin: Well, thank you again for, uh, getting out of the ocean and out of the Hawaiian sunshine to, uh, come back in your hotel room and have a conversation with me. I appreciate it.

Tracy Duhs: [00:03:41] Oh my gosh. I wouldn’t miss it. I’ve been looking forward to our wrap session together. 

Darin Olien: [00:03:49] There’s a lot, there’s a lot of parallels. We obviously both have.

A huge love of water and hydration, and clearly one of the most incredible elements on the earth, but really from what I can gather of getting to know you, is that desire to optimize health and live healthy and optimal and, and expanding one’s life through always exploring ways to. Live a more vibrant life.

And clearly you exude all of those things. So for all of those people that haven’t got to listen to your hydrate podcast and got to dive into some of the great guests that you’ve had on, how did you start this kind of. Side of your stuff. I know you have a, certainly you have an early version as a kid, but why don’t you unpack that a little bit?

How you started discovering how important health was for you? 

Tracy Duhs: [00:04:49] Yeah, you’re right. It started really young. I was fortunate enough to. Have some health obstacles as a child, which were crazy health obstacles, but I was having some severe migraines and passing out and feel optimal when I was younger. I didn’t like the way that built.

I wanted to have the energy that all my friends had around me. And so I always had this passion and desire to learn about it. And I always had compassion for other people that weren’t feeling well. So I decided when I was 13, that I wanted to become a doctor. And I got fast-tracked, uh, through high school.

So by the time I was 15, I started college and I started pre-med 21 units of all like science. I just went dove deepen. And that summer, since my parents were missionaries, I had the opportunity to go to Guatemala and shadow a doctor. And he, you know, he was a Western medicine doctor, allopathic medicine.

So. Doing surgery, uh, giving back to nations and it was really a blessing to witness all of this, but I came home and I was like, wow, I really want to help people. But I don’t know if that’s the exact way that I want to do it. You know? And, and I didn’t know about resonant medicine, vibration medicine. I didn’t know anything about it.

I always thought. The way you help people is to go to medical school. So I stayed in that path for three years with the pre-med. And then my last year, I was just like, oh my gosh, I don’t know if this is resonating with me. I am going to do something. So I totally switched and started a modeling agency and went into venture capital and completely did a 180, but it came back to me when my daughter.

I, when I was pregnant for her, I had low amniotic fluid and it looked like I wasn’t pregnant. I didn’t have a stomach. I was size zero the whole way through, because I had such little amniotic fluid and she had to be born in emergency Syrian. We almost lost her. And during that time, I was severely dehydrated during my pregnancy with her.

It didn’t matter how much water I drank. I could not quench my thirst and it wasn’t because of gestational diabetes. All my panels were coming back normal. The doctors couldn’t figure out why I was so thirsty. And for me, it was like this, this desperation I would wake up in the nose of the night, Darren, literally with my tongue, stuck to the roof of my mouth.

Have you ever had that happen where you’re so thirsty, dry? Like it was like I had to unpeel it from my mouth and then my eyelids, I would have to put water on my eyelids to even open them because everything was just so dry. And so I would just be constantly drinking water. My worst fear was that I’d be in a situation. Wouldn’t have water around me and I would be thirsty. So anyway, it took a while, but I started drinking different waters noticing, Hey, when I drink purified water, I don’t hydrate. I feel thirsty. Sometimes even more thirsty. And when I drink mountain spring water, it quenches my thirst better. So that kind of opened my eyes up to, Hey, not all water is created equal and we’ve been taught that we need to drink purified water, but maybe that’s not the answer.

And maybe I should start questioning this. And then I went to a medicine woman and started taking these herbs, the herbal tea, nettle tea, horsetail, many mineral rich teas, and slowly but surely all of my symptoms went away. So that just opened my eyes up to like, wow. There’s something to minerals and water and the type of water we drink and how it affects our hydration levels.

So that’s kind of how it all started for me. 

Darin Olien: [00:09:09] Gosh, it’s a very important point that you brought up and that is the elemental side of water. And, and, you know, we’ve heard this all of these times of like water is just water. Now, the electrolyte, uh, supporting nature of our body, the electrical conduction of our body, the batteries of cells that we need for the hydration you hit on this huge, huge.

And by the way, the, the, the foundation. Is this elemental mineral side of life. Like literally, if you don’t have the minerals, there’s no amount of anything you can throw at it. And so you had to build yourself up back end. What did you start doing then? Because clearly water was a key. How did you literally start diving in?

Tracy Duhs: [00:09:59] So then I went back to school. My daughter ended up getting, um, vaccine injured when she was two years old, she lost all of her hair. Her eyelashes eyebrows hair started falling out. We took her to multiple doctors. We found out that she had high levels of mercury in her system. So her body was unable to methalate that by Marisol, that is used to preserve the vaccine.

So we took her to many doctors and they said she has an immune condition. There’s nothing we can do. She’ll live with it for the rest of her life. And I just, in my mind, I remember walking out. Of the doctor’s office and saying to myself, no is never an answer. We always have hope and I will spend every day and every waking moment that I have to, to find out what I need to, to help her and that fire within me from when I was a child, wanting to help people and really having this compassion for people that are suffering.

I was born for this, and this is there’s something I need to do. And, and everything is so divinely orchestrated Darren it’s like I just watched how things unfold in our lives. And God’s hand is always upon us. Divine creator is always. Directing. And so I, I decided to go back to school. I first went to herbal school to learn about herbs because the herbs had made such an impact in my life.

And I wanted to understand those better and how we can incorporate them into our diet and making teas. And so I started making teas for my community and I own a wellness center in San Diego. So a lot of my clients I’d make them customize teas and they just were starting to feel alive. And then of course, as you know, when you start to go down the health rabbit hole, like you just, you can’t stop.

Right? So then I went to go to school to become a living food shop because I was like, I want to learn how to cook healthy living food so that in my home I can cook vibrant foods for my family. And then I started to learn about vibrational medals. And that was when I went back to school to pursue my PhD and integrative medicine with an emphasis in quantum medicine.

So I can understand vibrational frequencies. And that changed my life. Going back to school to understand that was literally changed the trajectory of everything happening in my life, all of those health issues that I was having from a child. And to that point, I realized. Or stemming from my thoughts. So that was waking up every morning.

Unaware. I didn’t have this consciousness that I was waking up with anxiety that I wasn’t enough that I needed to work harder to be loved that, you know, whatever, the thoughts that were going through my head, there were these low vibrational thoughts and they were driving. They were the driving force inside of me.

I mean, that’s why I started college when I was 15, you know, with like overachievers. Because I wanted to be enough, but wanted to know that I was worthy of being loved. And through school, I learned that I have the opportunity to change my thoughts. And when I change the frequency of my thoughts, that changes everything inside of me.

And when I realized that we are 98.9% water molecules and water is influenced by everything it’s around. It just blew my mind to realize that the thoughts I was thinking were imprinting the body of water that I am. And my health was a choice. And I wasn’t aware of the thoughts I was thinking, but once I had that awareness, then I had the opportunity to change and to shift it.

So what I did was I started to wake up in. The first thing I would do was just be grateful, have gratitude for my. The fact that I have legs to get up and go to the restroom in the morning, the fact that there was food in my refrigerator, that my kids were sleeping in bed safe and healthy that I live in America, rich country, you know, just all of these amazing things that I was so grateful for.

And over time, as I started to do that, all of the healthy practices, I was doing drinking, great water, eating, living foods, working out. All of that stuff started to work for me. So then I realized the power of our thoughts and the power of our mindset and the words we speak. And that’s where I spend so much of my time now in my practice has really helping transmute that vibrational frequency and people’s field, their morphogenetic fields so that they have the blueprint for healthy new cells.

Darin Olien: So for years, maybe all, most of my life, people have been asking me, what kind of foods do you eat? What kind of exercises do you do? What kind of water should I drink? All of these things. And so much more. We put into a 21 day program. So that can take you through a theme every day of knowledge, action, and then eating this delicious meals, working out, getting support, anchoring in these new habits.

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Darin: On the one hand, right? We have, we have whatever the hell we’re telling ourselves from whomever and whatever has happened in our life. Right? Certainly now this year is packed full of weird ass things to think about media, uh, crazy people saying crazy things, you name it. And then we think the. Crap is ours.

Right? So then we just loop it, then we’re ruminating. And then we think we literally convince ourselves that that’s who we are or what we are and the basic sense. How do we then start? And I like the word transmutation, right? What you use transmuting that, because on the one hand, why are we telling us one thing?

And that could be, you know, shame, blame, fear, anger, sadness, whatever, but then it’s almost like. Acknowledging that yes, it might have some healing that that’s attached to it. And at the same time, then transmuting it and filling ourselves back up. So, so how, how do you then start to kind of deal with the old patterns and kind of replenish and rebuild yourself in some of these new patterns and maybe then just start defining.

The quantum for people and how that is so powerful. 

Tracy Duhs: [00:17:53] Yeah. And I resonate and understand when people are like, that’s Lulu. It’s crazy. I mean, I was, I grew up in a home where my dad’s a pastor, right. So I grew up missionary beans and rice, Jesus Christ. Like that was our life. You know, it was like, I think the rice, every day we talked about Jesus.

Jesus Bible pray, you know, that’s it. And so I always thought like, oh, this, this, you know, vibrational stuff is so woo. And I have a block against it. I really wasn’t open to it. And I’m a very science minded person. Like when I started. Premed at 15, I was like obsessed. I loved every minute of the physics and chemistry.

The biology was just like, couldn’t get enough. And so when I went back to my PhD program and started learning about vibration and how that is, what influences the creation of the, the physical world that we’re in and realize that, oh my gosh, this is science. Like, this is real, this isn’t. Woo. This is.

Literally scientifically proven. And I’m like, okay, I need to take a step back and start being a little bit more open, not as close minded. And so once I started to do that, things just started to unfold and unlocked for me. So I, I get it when people feel that way. Um, but what we do know in physics is that all physical matters starts with vibration.

And frequency. And if you even look back to biblical tats, you see that when it says God created the heavens and the earth in seven days, he spoke, he spoke that into existence, the vibrational frequency of his, or God’s voice of Divine’s voice, both life into reality. And. It’s just, it all makes sense. It all started to unfold for me.

It wasn’t crazy and more like, oh my gosh, these two stories don’t make sense. It all started to make sense. And then when I started to put it into practice in my life and change the thoughts I was thinking, and the words I was saying, even the words we speak to become more aware of those words is so powerful because sometimes we’re unaware of the things are speaking over our lives.

We don’t call spelling words, spelling for no reason. It’s a spell. You’re literally casting a spell over yourself. If somebody said something to me, I don’t believe I’ll be like, I reboot that that’s not going to be in my field, taken out of my morphogenetic field because I’m not allowing that inside of my field.

I want every cell in my body to be tuned to the vibrational frequency of love, and we get to choose. By the environments. We’re in the words we speak, even like at night, I turn off my wifi because I don’t want those non-native EMF in my field and my children’s build while we’re sleeping. So just little things that we do every single day can make a huge impact in the long run.

In our field and the codes that are being written inside of our physical body. 

Darin Olien: [00:21:18] There, there’s so many different ways to look at this because we all know we, I believe this too, that we, we do all know that there is. An unseen world of frequency sound, even the vibration of color music, you name it, things we CA we can’t even hear in our human mind that other animals are hearing.

So there’s a lot of invisible to this world already. You know, as you, your story, as you become more aware, you realize. That this whole thing is constructed in that. Right. And the galaxies spinning in the Febby NACI curves also have measured frequency, right? The, the sounds, the colors, the textures of nature is all based in that bees and hummingbirds and all of these things have a frequency to everything.

So it isn’t. And everyone, anyone who thinks all of this is woo-hoo, it’s just simply not open. So then you have to look at that like, okay, everything is not just a cerebral view of the world or else we would know everything at this point. Yeah, 

Tracy Duhs: [00:22:44] absolutely. It’s beneficial to get out of our head and really get into our body sometimes and be able to feel because you can feel it.

Isn’t resonant. If there isn’t a resonant frequency, you know, when you’re around someone, that’s why we say I really resonate with that person. Um, or I don’t. And sometimes I know for myself, if I don’t resonate with some, one of my head used to always get in the way and I would, I would talk myself out of it.

I’d go, oh, it’s just me thinking something. I don’t know what, you know, I’m judging or whatever. Now I’ve learned to. Not judge the situation, but pull myself out and say, you know what? I have no idea what’s going on here with this human. And it’s not mine to judge. But I know the way my body feels and it’s okay for me to just take a step back and pause in this situation.

And once I’ve learned to do that, so many things have become so much freer. It’s been so liberating because then it’s not about that person. It’s not about, oh, you’re not doing something right. Or I’m thinking something of you. It’s like, I have no idea. And it doesn’t really matter. We’re just not resonating.

Just like. Snail knows what, you know, plant to eat based on Santana. And it’s like this resonates, I’m going to eat this one or that one has poisoned. I’m not going to eat it. We’re the same. We know when something resonates and when it doesn’t, and we’ve gotten so far away from that. A lot of times our cerebral head gets in the way the programming like you spoke about earlier.

We’re very programmed by the billboards. We see the news, we read the television, we watch the social media that we’re we’re intaking it it’s it’s food. That’s being brought into our system. And we are being programmed. And so then we have that programming, that’s separate from what our body and our physical field knows resonates or doesn’t.

And we’ve gotten away from listening to that and tapping in to that. And that’s why I think meditation is so powerful to just stop and be silent, let go of the programming and just be like, whoa, what’s going on here. 

Darin Olien: [00:25:00] I mean, it’s getting back to our nature, right? And the biggest form of our deepest senses, our instincts, it’s so easy to blow that off.

So much of the world, even our educational systems and how our quote unquote science is the proof and everything else that. It’s so easy to come up with excuses and blow off these hints, these feelings, these senses. And I think if we all listened more and stopped more and garnered and gained the, that divine pure listening that is there, the whole world would change.

And also not, not listening to the people, the authorities that you will blow off your own thoughts, feelings, emotions, and senses to listen and give the power away, but that you don’t even bloody know. I realized this is a very hard question, but I kind of want to just throw it and try to us figure it out.

What are some practices we all can do that work for you that get you navigating and going through. Cause we’re not this isn’t going to stop right there. The world is created in this way right now that it’s just incessant of nailing us and hitting us on so many levels that is so distracting. What are some of your go tos to help kind of get through and navigate some of this stuff while staying true to your nature?

Tracy Duhs: [00:26:53] That’s a great question, Darren. Um, some that I implemented into my life that have really made an impact and cause that, uh, that ability for my past situation to transmute. Or the first thing that I do is when I wake up in the morning, I pray to divine creator and say, God, please sing your end of your vibrational frequency of love over every single one of my cells and my morphogenetic field and all of my body.

And I imagined. Everything in my field being tuned to the vibration of love, because when I go out into the world each day, I want to exude that because I know that will also be reflected back to me and the world isn’t as we see it as, as we are right. That’s my first thing that I do is make sure that my field and my cells and everything’s tuned and intention.

Right. That’s just so huge. And I do believe in a divine creator. And I do believe that when I pray divine creator hears me and that. That prayer that is so pure is being granted because I feel it when I go out and it’s like that resonance is there. So that’s the first thing I do when I wake up. And then the next thing I do is my time of gratitude.

So I know that our biggest weapon against the dark forces, like you mentioned, there’s a world out there that we can’t see. And I know there’s, there are dark forces. I do believe that. And so. I believe one of our biggest weapons is gratitude and praise. And when I spend time in gratitude, that changes everything for me, because there’s always something to be grateful for.

And so I spend time doing that. And then this is going to sound really weird, but I really do believe that the water that we drink is making a huge impact on our vibrational frequency, our levels and how, how much energy we have, how much driving force we have, because we are mostly a body of water. And so I love to make sure I’m drinking chemically, clean water, mineral, rich water, so that my electrical current, my bio energetic electrical body.

Charged. And then I’ve warthog the water because in nature, all water is being for text and that’s been that vibrational frequency is eliminating all of the dirty information that was in the water and it’s informing it with living frequencies, living information. So I want to feel alive. I want to feel vibrant.

And when I’m drinking water, that’s living in vibrant and informed. Every cell in my body is going to be as well. So, um, and then the fourth thing that I do is observing my thoughts, observing my words. So it’s easy for us to shame ourselves and go, oh, I did that again. Or I can’t believe I did this or I’m messing up instead.

I’ve learned to just observe myself and go, huh, that’s interesting. Why did I say it? Like, why did I use that word? And then look at the opportunity and how like you change it. So instead of, I don’t know, like say I’m in traffic, stuck in traffic, it’s like, oh, you’re frustrated. So I’ll cut you off and you’re going to be late.

I’ll think of like, what is the opportunity here? Oh, I have time to slow down and breathe. I have a moment that I can, I can’t control the traffic, but I can control me and how I perceived this and what I’m doing in this situation. Right. Look around and observe, oh, there’s birds in the air. There’s two little butterflies mating right now.

So many beautiful things all around us, but a lot of times we get so caught in the programming that we lose sight of the beauty of what’s around us and the opportunity. So just observing my thoughts and then, you know, my words that the words that we’re speaking are tuning or, or bringing our field out of tune, just like a piano or an instinct.

We need to tune it. It’s the same thing with our morphogenetic field, which is the field around us. That’s the blueprint, that’s the coding for all of the cells that are being built. So I like to make sure it’s tuned and I keep it tuned by speaking truth. When I don’t speak my truth. I am bringing dissonant frequencies into that field and I’m choosing disease.

I am choosing dissonance and I don’t want to do that. So now that I know I get to choose, I start to observe and go, okay. That probably wasn’t the best thing to say or to think. And how do I get to choose different? I choose.

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Darin: What you do, what you eat is going to change your environment internally. So it’s the same thing about our energetic field, right? So really what you’re getting at is like, Hey, what I intend into my field, what I say into my field, what I let in into my field is affecting my field. And so it can be literally as simple as, and, and th the discipline that I heard from you.

Cause I thrive in discipline as well. Like I can go off on my morning routines, very similar. Right. And that’s what I hear. And the discipline that you apply, it’s, it’s intending the world ahead of you into your moment. And. Perceived future. And that is a super power. Just saw this viral video with Mike Tyson.

And he literally was saying, discipline is everything. And what he meant by that was if you’re not disciplined, you will not have virtually anything that you truly truly want. And even at him explaining that he started to cry because those how powerful that is. And so it’s like, you’ve given me this gift today and I know people will hear more of that because.

Man that intention and the responsibility also that you have brought up today in this thing is like, listen, I responded to traffic. I responded to this person, don’t go into shame, blame or anger. Take that pause and go, okay, cool. What else can I choose? How else can I be? Um, and take that responsibility.

And again, that’s not reacting to life. That’s taking responsibility. 

Tracy Duhs: [00:35:56] Yes. I love that word responsibility because if you break it down, it means my ability to respond. I have the ability, I have the choice. I have the opportunity in how I choose to respond. Gosh, it’s such a good word. I use the word every year and I think 2019, that was my word.

All year responsibility fell in love with that. I was like, I get to have the responsibility I choose. And then what happens is we’re no longer a victim to anything because no matter what happens to us, we have the opportunity to choose how we want to show up in that situation and everything that’s happened in my life.

It felt like I could be a victim or this isn’t fair the way this happened. When I chose to find the opportunity in it, it unfolded into something beautiful. It crystallized into something beautiful, just like a butterfly. You know what I mean? It goes through that metamorphosis and that crystallization of the, of the caterpillar.

I feel like we have the ability to create that in our lives. If we choose. The opportunity and choose to see, to see what, how we can show up, because it’s like, it’s just so amazing how things can happen to us in life. And it just feels so unfair, but it’s been the most difficult things in my life that have happened that have turned into the most beautiful things.

Just like we talked about almost losing my daughter. Suffering would that dehydration, I mean, it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it was really uncomfortable for a year and a half maybe year and a half, two years where I couldn’t sleep through the night. I, I mean, every moment it was like, if I don’t have water near me, I I’m terrified.

You know, and those experiences led me to be able to. Help the people. Now I get messages almost every day of people that are like, I was suffering from chronic migraines for 12 years. And these simple tips that you taught me changed my life. You know, it doesn’t need to be complex. It’s like some people are listening to the show, maybe really suffering from illnesses or chronic depression or whatever it is that they’re filled bound to their body or a prisoner of their body.

There is. And the hope doesn’t need to be complex. It’s so simple. And that’s what I get excited about. Waking up every morning is being able to share this help with people, share the good news, share that we have the opportunity of how we want to show up in life, how we want to create our physical manifestation in the world around us.

We get to do it. Yeah. 

Darin Olien: [00:38:53] It’s so it’s so powerful. What you said there. Responding to something where I’m not a victim. I may not know everything. I may not know why. Why my house burned down. I don’t know why, what is underneath all of that and responding to it is really the access point of the gold that is there because it’s not happening to us.

It’s happening for us. That right there is a superpower and the more we do it, the more we get out of the victim place and realize, I may not know this now, just taking the ideas. I’m not a victim at all ever, ever. And so I may not see everything, but I know that there’s nothing wrong that happened, and I’m not bad for it happening to me, spawned in the, in the most conscious way possible.

And if anyone of any time. Needs to hear that it’s it’s everyone right now, because we’re just getting hit on a, on a global scale of things that used to feel good or used to feel solid or used to feel reliable and none of that, but we are reliable to us, always. Well at all times. So let’s, let’s talk a little bit.

We have to talk a little bit about, I have my own water routines. What are your go-to water routines, reconstructions, uh, building up that structure, living molecules again, how, how do you celebrate. Your water and how do you go about it on a daily basis? 

Tracy Duhs: [00:40:48] I love that question because water is something to be celebrated, right?

Without it, we wouldn’t be alive. Um, just being here in Maui, looking at the ocean, being surrounded by water. And there’s something about this blue space that just grounds you makes you feel so high and so amazing. I think for me, the biggest thing is, is realizing. Water carries information and I get to choose what type of information I want to put in my body and we can start it in the basement.

The basement would be the chemistry, right? So we are chemical beings. There’s biochemical processes in our body. And that is very important. We don’t want to be drinking water where the chemistry has amoebas or pharmaceutical drugs or anything in it. That’s going to be costly. Are toxic to our body. We want to take whatever water we have.

Most of us have access to top water. So I take the tap water that I have and break down the chemistry of it with a reverse osmosis system. I think reverse osmosis, the membranes and reverse osmosis are very comprehensive and will eliminate the chemical. Burden that we don’t want in our body. So I first break the water down, break apart everything with those membranes and make sure that it’s pure chemically.

And then from there, I know that I need to build the water back up because now that the water is pretty much a nerd doesn’t carry many minerals anymore. Pretty much. And also, I know that the information and the water, wherever that waters come from, that journey, it’s picked up. A lot of information from the pharmaceuticals has come in contact with the chemicals, the whatever you name it, the intentions, I believe the pipe that it’s come through.

It has that information. I do not want that in my body. So after I bring the water through the reverse osmosis filtration system and know that the chemistry is. Now chemically. I want to add minerals back into the water because those minerals are what are going to help bring that osmotic balance between my intracellular and extracellular fluid.

A lot of times we’re dehydrated. The cells are dehydrated, but there’s too much water outside of the cell. And so we get that bloating, that edema. Um, so I want to make sure that there is that balance in that flow, that dance between the intracellular and extracellular fluid, and that takes having balanced set of minerals in the proper proportions and ratios.

And I know that the ocean has the 78 trace elements that my body needs to rebuild new ones. Still my, I choose, um, ocean elements. I love Kington minerals because it has all 78 trace elements in it. Perfect ratios. I mean, for Nike ton. And I think it was 1895, discovered that the oceans plasma as dense of coal to what ours.

Blood plasma should look like. And I say should, because if you took the plasma of most people walking down the street, their plasma would be missing many of the. And that’s why many people aren’t able to heal from injuries quickly or their cells. Aren’t building healthy new cells. Um, the list goes on. We need those elements from the periodic table in order to build new life, the biogenesis.

So I make sure to take the reverse osmosis filtered water, add ocean minerals back in. Now, when I drink it, it can charge myself and that electrical current can be carried through. But we’re still dealing with the dirtiness of the bioenergetics, the information that’s been in printed, so that hasn’t been addressed yet.

The reverse osmosis system cannot do that. Only vortexing can remove that information and then put that, like, I use a system called the UNMH. Fibonacci sacred geometry sequencing. And that sends a message back into the water of the living messaging, living information. So kind of like in nature, if I went to a natural spring and got the water right now, fresh, that would have minerals in it.

It has the information of it being carried down the waterfall and that for texting and that spinning and it’s, I’m going to drink it. And my whole body’s going to come up. So since I don’t live next to a living spring, I choose to vortex my water every day so that I can re  that living information. So one, I reverse osmosis, my water too.

I add minerals back in and three, I vortex it and that’s pretty much my. My routine. I mean, then you can go a step further if you want, pray over your water, thank God for your water. Really just hold that intention. That it is so sacred. And we are so blessed that we have water to drink because who knows what’s going to happen?

You know, in the next couple of years, I, I pray that we always have water, but it’s something that we have now. And I’m so grateful for it. 

Darin Olien: [00:46:16] Yeah, that’s great. Cause everyone’s going to ask, like, what do you do for water? And it’s the number one question I get to, so, uh, I’m glad you broke that down for us.

And, and I’m a big fan of the importation as well, because obviously you got to say all the time, you gotta, you gotta break it down to build it back up again. And, and most people don’t have access to clean, obviously fresh water anymore. And so we have to understand you’ve given up. Good sense of insight into living worse versus the dead water that does associates and doesn’t assemble very well and loses its structure.

And at least if people are freaking out going, oh shit, where do I get a Ford tax? Or where do I get thing? Well, roo systems are cheap. You can get a nice reverse osmosis. You can at least clean your water. You can build it up, back up with some minerals and. Like Tracy just said, you can pray over it. You can put it in a glass bottle.

Uh, find a bottle with some love written on it or whatever, and you can put it out in the sun. And there’s a lot of little things that you can do if you don’t have your hands on a Fibonacci amazing vortex 

Tracy Duhs: [00:47:29] or.

You know, we, we know that the vortex there is it’s informing the water, but it’s also helping structure water and botanicals, fruits and vegetables have fourth phase water in their cells. Easy water, fourth phase water H 3 0 2. They’re made of that. Um, Joel Polak was the one that discovered the fourth phase of water.

We understand that. We need structured water in ourselves in order for that polarity, that charge for our cells to communicate for us to have healthy cells and plants have that inside of them. So if you don’t have money for a vortex or another thing you can do is obviously clean your water with the roo system or carbon block, and then you can put lemon juice, lime juice, Berry.

Any type of fruits and vegetables in the water to help bring that structure back in. Another thing you can do is. Uh, sea salt, Celtic, unfiltered sea salt in your water, and then put it in a cold dark space, like the refrigerator for seven to eight hours. And that will start, the water will start to 

Darin Olien: [00:48:42] restructure.

Perfect. I love the hack of just putting, putting the fruits, the vegetables, the cucumbers, the whatever, and, and then it can lend over its structure into the rest of the water because we know how powerful water will accept. That information, if and anyone wanting to jump down the rabbit hole, Dr. Gerald Paul, like amazing wrote amazing book and some incredible research adopted by hundreds, if not thousands of scientists at this point around the fourth phase of water and the easy water.

So we won’t dive into that too much, but that is a, an incredible book. So if you’re still on the fence going, what is the structure thing? One of the greatest scientists of our time wrote an amazing book that changed the course of what water is. And he’s an amazing human Dr. Gerald Pollack. So I’ve had the opportunity to meeting hundreds of these doctors that have the balls to study water as you have Tracy.

And every one of them will say, We’re seeing all this stuff happen. We’re testing that it is happening. They still don’t know how the hell it’s happening because water is such a miraculous entity. So we celebrate that. We celebrate the, so the last jewel body that is water, I’ve had such a great time jumping down and in the waterhole with you, I’ll do it.

I’ll do it anytime. But thank you so much. And, and how can people follow you? Find you check out your sanctuary and San Diego and get help if they want to exercise their responsibility and their free will and free choice to take more responsibility for them. 

Tracy Duhs: [00:50:27] Yeah, thank you. Uh, so you can go to my

That’s T R A C Y D U H S. Or,  I’m very active on Instagram. I post a lot of information there, so it’s @tracyduhs. I also have a podcast Hydrate. Hydrate with Tracy Duhs and every week we’re talking about something we’ll talk for the next hundred years and never even scratched the surface of the power that water has.

Um, and then I do have a wellness and retreat center in San Diego. It’s called The Sanctuary. And you can find us at And then all of the stuff we talked about, the water restructuring devices, ketone and minerals, you can get at my website at That’s my two daughters, Grace and Parker.

So You can find all that stuff then. Yeah. Just reach out. I am so passionate about helping people get hydrated and healthy and vibrant, and I’d love to hear from you. 

Darin Olien: [00:51:31] Yeah, thank you, Tracy. And enjoy the small island surrounded by the great ocean. And we’ll definitely be in touch soon.

Tracy Duhs: [00:51:42] Uh, thankyou Darin! It’s been so good spending time with you today.

Darin Olien: [00:51:44] Thank you.

Darin: What a fantastic episode. So tell me, what is one thing you got out of today’s conversation? If this episode struck a chord with you and you want to dive a little deeper into my other conversations with incredible guests, you can head over to my website, for more episodes and in-depth articles.

Keep diving my friends, keep diving.

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