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Watering Your Lawn | Fatal Conveniences™

Watering Your Lawn | Fatal Conveniences™

The grass is always greener on the other side, right? But wait, does your lawn really have to be that green anyway? Americans are obsessed with watering their lawns. Because lots of water keeps it healthy, right? Actually, overwatering your lawn is not just bad for it, but it’s bad for the environment as well.

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The majority of Americans don’t know how much water their lawn actually needs.

Yes, grass needs water to grow. But how much water does it actually need? Not only do most homeowners overwater their lawns, but they also water them at the wrong times. Grass doesn’t need as much water as you think it does! Even in the hot summer months, your lawn doesn’t need to be watered frequently.

Water is a precious resource– and not one that everyone has easy access to. So why are we wasting it on grass that we just use for show anyway? Green lawns have long been a symbol of wealth and status in our country, which I find ridiculous. You know what I see when I see a big green yard? A waste of growing space!

In this episode, 

I dive into the dangers of watering and overwatering your lawn. I get into the misconceptions about how much water grass needs, and when it needs it. And I give you some great tips on how to use your lawn efficiently for you, your family, and the environment. Let’s stop envying our neighbor’s green yards and instead see that outside space for what it could be– a food forest!


[00:01:40] A lush, green lawn as a status symbol

[00:03:20] How much water does grass actually need?

[00:05:22] What happens when you overwater?

[00:08:42] How to use your lawn for food

[00:10:22] When to water

[00:12:00] Ditch the lawn and create a food forest instead


Make good use of your lawn and create a food forest!  Food Forest Abundance is an innovative company that will create a Food Forest Landscape Blueprint customized to your backyard so you can grow the fruits, vegetables and flowers you’ve always dreamed of. Use code DARINOLIEN for 5% off your order.

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