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Weedkillers & Pesticides | Fatal Conveniences™

Weedkillers & Pesticides | Fatal Conveniences™

Let’s just cut to the chase on this one. Why are we spraying our healthy fruits and vegetables with toxic chemicals? Sure, weedkillers, or herbicides, are meant to kill “weeds”. But does the killing stop there?

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Weedkillers and pesticides are full of toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health.

Oh, how I wish this was common sense– and for you and I, it is. But somehow big corporations are still allowed to spray chemicals and toxins all over our food as it grows in the name of killing “weeds”. Now, I’m a firm believer that there are no “weeds”. Every plant serves a purpose. However, I understand that from an agricultural perspective, certain plants and bugs can be damaging to crops. But is the solution really to spray on chemicals that are known to cause cancer??

In this episode, 

I dive into the history of weedkillers and the main chemical that most herbicides contain– Glyphosate. Deemed as “probably carcinogenic” by the World Health Organization in 2015, glyphosate is not only harming humans. It’s damaging and killing off precious pollinators. Bees, butterflies and other pollinators are essential for human existence, yet we’re carelessly harming them in the name of making more money more quickly. 

Weedkillers, pesticides and herbicides are not just damaging to living creatures, it’s killing our planet and the very soil under our feet. Why big companies like Monsanto aren’t tried for crimes against humanity is beyond me… So if you want to learn more about weedkillers, how to avoid them and how to support organic farmers, tune in.


[00:01:29] The very first versions of pesticides and weedkillers

[00:04:00] Ingredients in modern weedkillers

[00:07:02] Are pesticides even convenient??

[00:08:30] Herbicide resistant crops

[00:12:28] Why are weedkillers harmful?

[00:14:32] Does glyphosate cause cancer?

[00:18:29] The environmental impact of weedkillers

[00:19:45] Support organic farming

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1 Comment
  • Sabrina Selvaggi
    Posted at 07:06h, 02 April

    Not sure you share this great resource that brings the latest all together on glyphosate:
    Toxic Legacy, How the weed killer glyphosate is destroying our health and the environment. Stephanie Seneff, PhD..