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What This Bathroom Staple Is Doing To Your Health…

What This Bathroom Staple Is Doing To Your Health…

Plastic shower curtain liners are super convenient, easy to use, and easy to throw away after a period of time when they get moldy or mildew. However, not only is the plastic waste harmful to our environment, these plastic shower curtains contain a plethora of toxic chemicals to our body which we are exposed to every time we shower.

When the Center for Health, Environment & Justice tested PVC shower curtains, they found that 108 different volatile organic compounds were released from the shower curtain into the air over twenty-eight days.

Fortunately, there are some great alternative shower curtain materials like linen, organic cotton, and hemp that can be washed and reused and don’t subject our bodies to harsh chemicals. That’s why in this episode, we’ll explore the Fatal Convenience, Plastic Shower Curtains.

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