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Which Supplements Are Actually Worth the Hype? | FATAL CONVENIENCES™

Which Supplements Are Actually Worth the Hype? | FATAL CONVENIENCES™

It’s 2024 and I know many of you want to uplevel your health and wellness this year. Before you spend a lot of money on supplements, learn which ones are good and worth buying.

In this episode I discuss the importance of making informed choices in supplements and nutrition, emphasizing the need to critically evaluate the benefits and sources of supplements like colostrum and minerals. I also talk about embracing sustainable and ethical practices when choosing a supplement.




What I discuss:

05:25 – Colostrum’s claimed health benefits, such as gut health and immune support, the ethical considerations and potential health risks associated with using bovine Colostrum for human consumption, as well as alternative nutrient sources.

19:00 – Manna Vitality’s extensive efforts made to source high-quality minerals, amino acids, fulvic and humic acids, the benefits of these ancient earth compounds, and their role in supporting the body’s mineral balance and overall vitality.

26:48 – Dead Sea Ormus’s unique properties of this mineral-rich substance, the three-year solar evaporation process used to create Ormus and its potential to improve health, cognitive function, and energy levels.



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