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Why I Use Caldera Lab Products

Why I Use Caldera Lab Products

You may have heard me mention certain products on social media or on the podcast. I hope you know that any product, brand or company I pair with is because I 100% believe in the work they’re doing. I would never put my stamp of approval on it otherwise. This doesn’t just mean I think it’s a good product. It means I’ve thoroughly researched their production practices, their ingredients, the way they conduct business and their relationship with the environment. You can count on that, this I promise you. 

With that being said, I wanted to put a spotlight on one of my current favorites. Caldera Lab’s The Good, is a light facial serum that I use every day, sometimes twice a day. It’s part of my daily routine and keeps this guy’s skin looking fresh and as healthy as possible. But this article isn’t about the serum, actually. I wanted to tell you all about Caldera Lab and why I think companies like them are so incredibly important.

Green Tech Skincare

Caldera Lab creates high-performance men’s skincare. They do this by combining pharmaceutical-grade science, natural potent ingredients and sustainable business practices. This is why I decided to not only use their products, but endorse them as well. Every formula is clinically verified to work gently and effectively. It’s not like those products you see in the drugstores, claiming to knock decades off your skin, all while being packed with toxins and questionable ingredients. In fact, I did a whole Fatal Conveniences segment on products just like that. Caldera Lab’s products do what they say they do, because they harness the power of nature to do so.

The Power of Nature

Caldera doesn’t just take common skincare formulas and build on them, or try to make clean versions. Their formulas are all created from scratch. This means that before a product is available for purchase, years of scientific research and experimentation goes into it. They’ve researched thousands of ingredients before choosing the 27 actives that go into their skincare products. This requires the knowledge and work of the best herbalists, cosmetologists and formulators and a ridiculous amount of intensive testing.

Wild Harvesting

My favorite part of Caldera Lab as a company is their wild harvesting practices. What is wild harvesting you ask? It’s a thoughtful and meticulous process that involves real people doing real work. No machines used here, just hardworking, trained herbalists on a mission. I’m talking about getting up at dawn and harvesting wild herbs out in the field, guys. It doesn’t get any purer than that! These powerful botanicals like fireweed, yarrow, nettle and dandelion grow wild around the Teton Mountains and Caldera Lab’s team handpicks them at their peak potency to use in their formulas. But don’t worry, they’re not clearing the fields of these beautiful plants and leaving them barren. Every plant is ethically harvested. This means they follow strict practices of only taking ¼ of the plant population within a 10-foot square area. The plants will quickly regrow and repopulate the area. This is what sustainability is all about.

Minimal Processing

Now, after these powerful botanicals are ethically harvested, they’re not going to throw them through massive processing. They are carefully slow-dried in natural environments to preserve the necessary nutrients needed to create skincare products that actually work. Then, once the time-intensive process is complete, the herbs are carefully infused into antioxidant and nutrient-rich plant oils. That’s what’s going on inside every little bottle of Caldera Lab’s products, guys. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. 

Purpose Over Profits

I hope by now, it makes sense to you why I love this company so much. From their sourcing, research, production and packaging, everything is done with the Earth in mind. They’re 100% transparent about the science that goes into their products. In fact, you can watch some of the beautiful harvesting videos on their site and get a perfect sense of who they are and why they do what they do. I don’t take any of this lightly, you guys know this. So when I say I absolutely LOVE a company, you can take me at my word. They are doing great things, and I’d love for you to check them out.

If you want to try ‘The Good’ out for yourself, head to Caldera + Lab’s website and use code “DARIN” for 20% off your first order!

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