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Why Practical Optimism is Better than Positivity + How to Develop It | Dr. Sue Varma

Why Practical Optimism is Better than Positivity + How to Develop It | Dr. Sue Varma

Did you know that practical optimists live up to 15% longer. Why? Because from dental health to mental health, they invest in self-care top to bottom. This is the power of practical optimism, it can literally extend your life.


So if that’s not how you naturally operate…how do you train your brain to think like one?


In the latest episode of The Darin Olien Show, I sit down with Dr. Sue Varma to examine the power of practical optimism and what it means to live a rich and fulfilling life. We discuss the practice of intentional living and how much it’s a muscle that needs to be trained and worked.


How to overcome the temptation to blame others for the way things are, and take personal responsibility for our own happiness. And the danger of toxic positivity in actually distancing ourselves from those we want to connect with the most.


Dr. Sue Varma is a board certified psychiatrist and the author of Practical Optimism, a book that equips you with evidence-based tools and techniques to help you reach your career, financial, fitness, personal, and relationship goals more quickly and sustain momentum toward your future goals.


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 What we discuss…

(00:01) – Finding ways to connect with nature in daily life

(08:25) – How to use practical optimism for intentional living

(18:14) – The dance of personal responsibility and finding proactive solutions

(27:39) – Differences between joy and happiness (and why it matters)

(36:29) – The danger of toxic positivity and transformative impact of active listening

(53:41) – How material wealth effects your happiness

(01:03:42) – The transformative power of rest and journaling as a therapeutic outlet

(01:12:50) – Managing financial struggles and personal relationships

(01:15:29) – Cultivating a rich and meaningful life through kindness and gratitude


…and more!

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