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3 Simple and Healthy Breakfast Options

3 Simple and Healthy Breakfast Options

Do you know what is the number one category of food that has the highest caloric intake?

Breads, pastries, buns, bagels, muffins, granola cereals, all of that stuff.

Food companies have been tricking us into using their products as healthy breakfasts and so-called nutrition experts and maybe even some guru on social media are telling you what’s healthy or not. But ultimately, these processed foods are the biggest thing ravaging our health. And the biggest culprits of that is around breakfast.

That’s why, in this episode of Fatal Convenience™ Solutions, we’re going to explore better solutions for your breakfast.


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What I discuss:

05:36: What’s the deal with cereal?
06:41: Are protein options any better?
06:56: What choices should you avoid?
07:13: What breakfast solutions do we have?

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