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Anger | Fatal Conveniences™

Anger | Fatal Conveniences™

Every muscle in your body tenses. Your heart rate accelerates as your blood flow increases. Then, your face flushes red. As you begin to breathe heavily, there’s no hiding it any longer. You’re angry, and your body is ready to fight. While anger is an inevitable human emotion, too much of it can be disastrous–for your mind, and your body. 

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Not dealing with your anger issues puts you at a higher risk for many different health issues.

Unfortunately, I know its disastrous effects firsthand. When I was little, my dad’s drinking–and his anger– got out of control. An accident that left me with stitches finally was the last straw for him, and he gave up alcohol for good. We eventually developed an amazing, close relationship. But since he never dealt with the rage issues that were a catalyst for his drinking, it caught up with him decades later.

Yes, anger can be natural and healthy. It’s your brain and your body’s way of letting you know that something isn’t right and you’ve got to act fast. However, if you’re quick to react over and over again, it’s a problem. Living in a constant stressed state, ready to blow at the smallest bump in the road, you’re only hurting yourself. 

In this episode, 

I’ll break down just what anger is, and what getting angry physically does to your body. Frequent anger means frequent stress, which is terrible for your heart, and your mental health. We’ll get into ways to deal with your anger and when to reach out for help. It is possible to control your rage impulses, and it’s crucial that we all learn to do so. Don’t become a victim of your own feelings. Calm down, and listen up.


[00:02:39] The collateral damage of Anger

[00:05:27] What exactly is anger, and what causes it?

[00:07:39] Interesting facts about getting angry

[00:14:07] Ways to minimize your rage reactions

[00:20:00] Anger is not truth and truth is not anger

[00:23:21] How can adaptogens help?

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