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Be the Shepherd of Your Inner Energy | Kimberly Snyder

Be the Shepherd of Your Inner Energy | Kimberly Snyder

When you hear someone talk about energy, you may think it’s new-age, flowery bs. But I assure you, it’s not. There is energy flowing through every living thing. And the more we understand our own inner energy, the more we can be in charge of our true purpose.


Kimberly Snyder is the shepherd of her own inner energy. Are you?

As a multi-time New York Times bestselling author, spiritual and meditation teacher and holistic wellness expert, Kimberly has a lot of energy. Her book Radical beauty, was co-authored with the amazing Deepak Chopra. And her latest, You Are More Than You Think You Are: Practical Enlightenment for Everyday Life, just came out this past January.  

Besides all that writing, Kimberly is also the founder of Solluna®, a holistic lifestyle brand, and Practical Enlightenment Meditation™. Oh, and she’s also the host of the top-rated Feel Good Podcast. And how has she been able to manifest all these positive things in her life? Through being the shepherd of her inner energy.

If you’re not sure what that means, or how exactly to do that, don’t worry. That’s what our entire conversation is about. I felt such an instant connection with Kimberly, because I admire anyone that has figured out how to forge their own path while staying true to their true self. Kimberly stresses that the key to doing that is to understand your own energy. She admits this can be tricky, especially while living in a society that is so incredibly fast-paced. 

In this episode, Kimberly gives us tips on how to remain grounded, and how to tap into that inner energy. It’s not about controlling your energy guys, it’s about understanding it, and letting it flow through you. And of course, we also dive into how eating plants can affect your energy, especially fruit! This was such a fun one.. I can’t wait for you to hear Kimberly and what she has to say. The positive energy just beams out of her, and I know you’ll learn something useful. 


[00:07:04] Diet and the Divine Energy

[00:14:15] The 4 Cornerstones

[00:17:18] How to reconnect with your True Self

[00:30:47] Metabolizing uncomfortable energy

[00:42:48] Your Inner Energy– You Can’t Cheat it


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