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Channeling Your Addictive Mindset to Healthier Goals | Rich Roll

Channeling Your Addictive Mindset to Healthier Goals | Rich Roll

If you’re an addict, it’s a part of who you are. Addiction doesn’t go away with recovery, but it doesn’t have to continue to be a source of negativity in your life. 

Welcome to The Darin Olien Show.

This episode features my plant-based bro, the amazing Rich Roll.

In addition to being a graduate of Stanford University and Cornell Law School, Rich is a world-renowned ultra-endurance athlete and host of The Rich Roll Podcast. He’s a wellness advocate, a sought after speaker, successful author of the mega-popular book Finding Ultra and devoted husband and father. He’s also a recovering alcoholic.

Rich is extremely open about his journey with addiction, and we get into some uncomfortable territory in this episode. But you don’t grow when you’re comfortable, right? Rich gets into how acknowledging his obsessive and addictive mindset has helped him fuel new, healthier goals. He also shares some cool plans for his podcast and how being plant-based has changed his relationship with food.

  • The childhood trauma Rich suffered that contributed to his alcoholism
  • How my relationship with my father parallels Rich’s stories
  • How Rich balances his addictive tendencies when it comes to health and fitness
  • The link between empathy and addiction
  • Why Rich packed up his family and moved to a former Guava farm
  • How The Rich Roll Podcast started
  • Why Rich often tries to think in the perspective of a 24-year-old
  • Why Rich has never had a 5-year plan
  • This episode’s Fatal Convenience™: Single-Use Plastics

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