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Charcoal Grilling | Fatal Conveniences™

Charcoal Grilling | Fatal Conveniences™

Everyone loves a backyard barbecue. And of course, the grill is always the star of any cookout. Cooking over an open flame has been a part of human culture since cavemen discovered fire. But grilling today looks a lot different than it used to. While charcoal grilling is very popular in America, it comes with negative effects on our health and the environment. Is there a way to enjoy grilling without the nasty carcinogens and chemicals?

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While you’ll never find me grilling a burger, I do enjoy some charred veggies! However, I avoid charcoal grilling whenever possible. Because cooking with charcoal comes with some pretty gnarly consequences. Not only do charcoal grills produce more dangerous greenhouse gasses than gas grills, but they also are linked to cancer. Gross!

In this episode, I’ll go over the toxic chemicals produced when you use a charcoal grill for cooking your food. And the risks go up when you’re cooking meat! But don’t worry, you don’t have to give up grilling entirely– or even charcoal grilling. There are healthy alternatives to use in your charcoal grill, and ways to cut down on the risks involved. I just want to make sure you’re making informed decisions before lighting that grill! 

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