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Creating Practical Climate Solutions | Jeremy Casebeer

Creating Practical Climate Solutions | Jeremy Casebeer

When we think of the climate crisis, sometimes the problem is so overwhelmingly complicated and massive that it’s hard to make an effort to make change. That’s why it’s so important to take simple steps in your everyday life to create solutions.


Jeremy Casebeer plays beach volleyball. He’s also trying to save the planet.

As a professional beach volleyball player, Jeremy is always looking for ways to use his platform for good. His passion since his college days has been to accelerate climate solutions and to protect our oceans. On his podcast, Our Impact, Jeremey works to understand what exactly our impact is, and what we can do to shape it more positively. While Jeremy was traveling from beach to beach playing volleyball, he couldn’t help but notice the large amounts of plastic that littered all of them. No matter how beautiful the beach was, there was always plastic to be found. This led to being an ambassador for Parley for the Oceans and the Forest Stewardship Council. He also sits on the board of Players for the Planet and AVP First.

After having this epic conversation with Jeremy, it’s clear to me that we’re kindred spirits. Even though I didn’t start my journey to save the planet, after seeing the climate crisis firsthand, as well as everything else humans are doing to destroy our environment, I eventually knew my purpose. It was the same for Jeremy. When you travel the world often, it gets harder and harder to ignore the massive climate problems we face– and the things causing them.

Also like me, 

Jeremy thinks it’s more effective to focus on the small everyday tweaks you can make instead of the giant problems at hand. No, average people like me and you can’t solve the planet’s climate issues overnight. But we can become more aware of our everyday impact. And we can put accountability on the major companies that make the foods and products we use. 

This conversation was all about solutions– solutions for our health, and the health of the planet. Both Jeremy and I are involved in several different amazing organizations that are working towards climate solutions and positive environmental impacts. We go over ways that you can get involved with those groups as well. But we also dive into all the ways you can make small changes in your life that make a huge impact on the planet. 


[00:07:39] Balancing life and a pro volleyball career

[00:11:55] What’s missing in environmental science and climate education

[00:27:18] Focusing on sustainability in the off season

[00:32:14] How do we create systemic change for climate issues?

[00:44:43] Making a profit while still having a positive environmental impact

[00:49:22] Hindsight is 20/20


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  • Casey Dale
    Posted at 03:58h, 28 May

    Darin! Awesome show. Thanks so much for your inspiring work in creating positive solutions that will help our environment and making a chance to better peoples lives. You mentioned in this episode about creating your own energy where you live. Can you please share how you do this?