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Curandera Healing Methods For Your Wellness Journey | Felicia Cocotzin Ruiz

Curandera Healing Methods For Your Wellness Journey | Felicia Cocotzin Ruiz

We’ve lost touch with the healing methods of our ancestors. Learning more about what a curandera does and believes is a great way to reconnect with the healing powers of Earth’s medicines.


Felicia Coctzin Ruiz is a curandera. But you don’t have to be one yourself to use her healing methods.

As author of the book Earth Medicines: Ancestral Wisdom, Healing Recipes, and Wellness Rituals from a Curandera, Felicia’s work is deeply rooted in the healing property of all Earth’s medicines. Affectionately known as “the kitchen curandera”, Felicia loves to educate people on ways to incorporate ancestral healing into their lives. Her work has been featured in Food & Wine, Spirituality & Health and many other media platforms. She lives with her husband in Phoenix, Arizona where she offers medicinal workshops and healing sessions for her community. 

I was so excited to have Felicia on the podcast because her visually stunning book was so incredibly captivating. I’ve traveled the planet for years, working with native indigenous peoples. The one thing all these communities have in common is their respect and honor of their traditional ancestral practices. In our modern society, I think we’ve gotten too far from our roots. And one way to reconnect with ourselves is to take a page out of a curandera’s book. Literally!

A curandera is a traditional healer;

more specifically, a woman healer. And Felicia credits all her knowledge and practices to the women who came before her. In fact, before our conversation, she asked her ancestor spirits to meet with my ancestor spirits to help guide our talk. How cool is that?! But as Felicia explained, you don’t have to believe in the things she does to benefit from her practices. 

This episode will help dispel the myths and stigmas that traditional ancestral healing practices have. Although Felicia looks at being a curandera as a lifestyle, we all could benefit from her take on spirituality. Like her appreciation of the four elements- Earth, water, air, and fire. Although I hadn’t really framed it in that way in mind before, I realized I incorporate the elements into my daily routine as well! Whether you’re curious about what a curandera does, or have never heard of one before, there’s a little something for everyone in this episode.


[00:07:30] What is a curandera?

[00:10:19] Working the 4 elements into everyday

[00:14:09] The ancestral connection to being a curandera

[00:20:14] What you can do to tap into the curandera spirit

[00:26:36] Felicia’s top plants to use for healing

[00:29:45] Decolonizing wellness

[00:44:20] Easy ways to incorporate wellness in your life


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1 Comment
  • Brandon L
    Posted at 14:01h, 26 March

    Another awesome episode man. This is my first time finally being able to leave a comment, its just not straightforward on the podcast app. For the past week I’ve been applying my own oils, and wow what a feeling. NEVER spending money going to those mega cosmetic brands on skincare. My grandmother used to say just use the oils and stuff she would gather on herself, but I never really gave it the respect it deserves. Made a batch for my skin, and a batch for my beard and hair, and I cannot get enough of it. These are the episodes I’ve been loving lately. Another great one man, thanks for doing all this (and thanks to Felecia aswell) Next time Im feeling like I need to take care of my skin, heading right for the cupboard!