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Discovering Your Strength In a Sea of Adversity | Suzanne Somers

Discovering Your Strength In a Sea of Adversity | Suzanne Somers

Life is a journey that you can’t plan out. When we hit inevitable roadblocks, it can be hard to see any other way than down. During these times of adversity, each of us needs to find our strength. One way to do that is to take from the negatives in your life and use it as fuel to create your power.


Suzanne Somers is Hollywood royalty.

In 1977, Suzanne became a TV icon. She played the cute blonde on the hit TV show, Three’s Company. When the star asked for the same salary as her male counterparts, she was quickly booted from the show and labeled a “troublemaker.”

While the industry was busy shunning her, Suzanne was secretly reinventing herself. She had stopped focusing on what she didn’t have and built upon what she did have- visibility. The show had made her a household name. So she took that name to pursue a dream career in Las Vegas. 

Soon she was starring in a big production, with all the razzle-dazzle you’d expect in Vegas. By 1987, she was named Las Vegas Entertainer of the Year alongside the legendary Frank Sinatra.

As 2001 rolled in, Suzanne had a significant setback. Her terrifying diagnosis of breast cancer forced her to take charge of her health, and her life. With her signature “I’ll show you” attitude, she ultimately won the battle.

In this eye-opening episode, we get a glimpse behind the curtain of what makes Suzanne such a successful entrepreneur and health advocate. We look at how she found strength and reinvented herself, even with the odds stacked against her. Suzanne also tells us the motives behind some of her most iconic books, BreakthroughTox-Sick, and Knockout. You don’t want to miss this conversation. 

Other Insightful in this episode:
  • How Suzanne went from TV icon to entrepreneur
  • Why you should listen to that voice in your head
  • How Suzanne changed her perspective on the worst day of her life
  • The murder of Dr. Gonzalez and Suzanne’s brush with death 
  • Suzanne’s childhood from hell and the long road to forgiveness & strength
  • How to invest in making healthier choices 
  • Why Suzanne fried an egg on the pavement

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