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Caffeine | Fatal Conveniences™

Caffeine | Fatal Conveniences™

Java. Brew. Cup-o’-joe. Whatever you may call it, one thing is clear; we love coffee. We’re so hooked on the stuff that it has become the second most consumed beverage on the planet! Across the world, we are chugging down an estimated 2.25 billion cups per day. While this can become a bit of a steamy and controversial topic, there are a few hidden secrets behind the bean’s most prized asset. We’re talking about caffeine.  

Welcome to Fatal Conveniences™.

Please, don’t hurt the messenger! 

Before you guys reach for your pitchforks, you must realize that I’m not totally against coffee. In fact, there are tons of health benefits. But I do want to highlight some caffeine-related facts so that you’re more informed when it comes to your morning boost. 

In this Fatal Conveniences™ segment, I’m taking a closer look at caffeine’s many aspects and why it’s classed as a psychoactive drug. I dive into how much is too much, right down to the milliliter. Also, I explore the unexpected links between caffeine and female fertility. I get into energetic goats in Yemen, the Sufi rituals of southern Arabia, and the caffeine dispute within the inner circles of Coca Cola. 

So, fire up the percolator, listen and learn, folks; this is not one to be missed.

In this segment:
  • Where our love for coffee began
  • The bitter bean that’s a poisonous pesticide 
  • The ancient rituals of coffee 
  • How caffeine affects your brain
  • What makes caffeine a convenience 
  • The connection between caffeine and stem cells
  • The good things in our brews that we all can enjoy
  • How you can safely consume caffeine

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  • Jodi Siebert
    Posted at 17:05h, 28 September

    I love my coffee, but this is so true sadly. For the longest time coffee is the only thing I flat out refused to give up. About 7-8 years ago, I was dx’d with Barrett’s Esophagus and was told I’d be on rx meds for life. I wasn’t ready to accept that for sure so, I changed my diet, got it really clean and at my 2nd scope had not a single cell. I kept the healthy diet but went back to coffee. Last year, I landed myself in the hospital after an episode of heart palpitations and an abnormal EKG. That day I had consumed about 32 ounces of coffee. After a lot of tests, the final conclusion was I need to quit coffee. Still didn’t do it. Just in the last few months I noticed myself snapping at people and becoming extremely irritable which is def NOT in my nature and I’m finally working on kicking this habit for good. So, so many health gurus tout it as a super food, so I’m grateful you did this piece! Thank you! And anyone on the fence – just do it!

  • Ms. Colleen
    Posted at 03:15h, 29 September

    Informative. Thanks

  • Tasia Swan
    Posted at 02:00h, 30 September

    Jodi, not sure if you’ll get this, I tried hitting reply. My MIL came across a coffee alternative and though I love the taste and smell of coffee I just don’t drink it bc it doesn’t like me ( after listening to this I guess I’m thankful). Anyways, I’d also love to hear Darin’s thoughts of the product…it’s absolutely delicious and I make it on occasion as a treat…

    Teeccino’s Chicory Herbal Coffee
    It’s caffeine free and acid free and so damn yummy! Hope this finds you and Darin well! Best wishes

  • Richard Shoop
    Posted at 17:02h, 01 October

    Darin, what would you recommend as a coffee alternative for those of us who like to start our day with a warm beverage? Is green tea a healthier option?