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Conditioner | Fatal Conveniences™

Conditioner | Fatal Conveniences™

Advertising will have us believe that hair isn’t attractive unless it’s smooth and silky. And you can’t get smooth and silky hair unless you use products packed with harmful toxins. Not true! You can use conditioner on your hair. You just need to know what to look out for.

Welcome to Fatal Conveniences™. 

You can get silky smooth hair without sacrificing your health.

Did you know that the FDA does not require companies to provide the exact ingredients in their shampoos or conditioners? The FD&C Act allows companies to release beauty products onto the market without reviewing its ingredients. Nobody is looking into this stuff, guys. They can get away with throwing in all sorts of harmful chemicals into these bottles of product and no one is aware. Parabens, sulfates, chemical fragrances- they’re all in there. And they’re wreaking havoc on your body’s delicate systems.

I don’t use shampoos and conditioners daily, but I do use them. I have longer hair and I like it to look nice. So, yes, I use conditioner. But I’m aware of the dangerous toxins that some companies sneak into their products. I’m here to educate you so you can be aware also. Then you can seek out responsible, compassionate companies that use real natural botanicals and ingredients instead of chemicals.

My List of Chemicals to Avoid When Purchasing Hair Care Products:

Artificial preservatives

Artificial fragrance







Nitrosamine releasers




Sulfate detergents

In this segment:
  • The scary effects of the toxins found in hair products
  • The buzz words to look for on packaging that don’t mean what they claim
  • The gross truth of urea in hair care products
  • The conditioner ingredient that actually dries out your hair
  • The myth that you have to wash your hair daily
  • What to use instead


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  • Angela Lau
    Posted at 16:37h, 15 October

    Urea – why is this bad? A lot of products have it and is meant to have skin healing properties…

  • Jane Dulaney
    Posted at 22:36h, 15 October

    I have to say when I lost my hair during chemo, one of the most freeing things was not to have to wash my head and the subsequent hair that grew in with anything other than Bronner’s. That wasn’t the case with managing waist length hair for decades. As it gets longer and longer, it’s more and more challenging.

    Love that you stuck the snip in about starting and ending your day purposefully again. Curious if you find shorter days more challenging? I tend to run lower energy as the sun dips lower on the horizon…

  • Janice Summers
    Posted at 16:54h, 17 October

    Thank you for using your platform to share the truth about the fatal side effects from things people think they need to use to look and feel fabulous. Synthesized compounds have such a deleterious effect on us and the environment. I don’t know if people even think about the downstream and upstream impact in creating the products and then after they use it.

    I am pleased to say that I have been doing my part to get people away from the dependence on bottle shampoo’s by creating a solid organic shampoo bar scented with essential oils. I personally have had super long hair all the way to super short hair cuts and the plant powered solid shampoo works fabulously. Still I did need a bit of hydration assistance in colder months and with shorter hair so I designed and created a pure plant gel for hydrating and styling. Sustainable, renewable, and planet loving.

    It can be done folks!

  • Ka Wi
    Posted at 19:46h, 25 October

    Janice, I am interested in solid shampoo and plant gel that you mentioned. Tried to find you online – – how do I find you?