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3 Simple Ways to Hydrate Optimally for Better Health

3 Simple Ways to Hydrate Optimally for Better Health

Did you know 75% of people living in the United States suffer from dehydration? This causes fatigue, brain fog, irritability, hormonal issues, poor digestion, and lack of proper functioning of different systems in your body, and more. In fact, your body can’t always differentiate between your feelings of hunger and thirst. Which means, when you feel hungry, it could actually mean you’re just thirsty. Confusing these feelings can lead to excess food intake and unwanted weight gain.
Although most people will use sports  drinks and regular tap water to hydrate themselves, these are not the most  effective ways to do it and come with certain effects that affect our health.  Therefore, we must look for safer and healthier alternatives to prevent dehydration. 
That’s what we explore in this episode of Fatal Conveniences™ Solution edition.

Reliable Sources where you can learn more:

  • 7 ways to stay hydrated. 
  • Homemade solutions to hydration 
  • Rehydrate tips 
  • Ways to rehydrate outside of plein water
What I discuss:
02:24: How big of a problem is dehydration?
08:42: What are the benefits of proper hydration?
09:30: What are my top 3 choices for remineralizing your water?
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