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Wearable Bluetooth Devices | Fatal Conveniences™

Wearable Bluetooth Devices | Fatal Conveniences™

Do you have a sleep tracker? A Fitbit? An Apple watch? Do you strap your smartphone to your arm when you go running? If you’ve ever wondered if those wearable Bluetooth devices are safe, the answer is a resounding NO.

Welcome to Fatal Conveniences™. 

Approximately 95% of all electronic devices have Bluetooth capability.

As a society, we’re becoming Bluetooth obsessed. I’ve covered wireless devices before, and the negative effects they have on your health. But in this one, I wanted to get a little more specific. This time we’re talking about those Bluetooth devices you wear on your body.

Not only is there verifiable research that shows that EMFs and radiation from wearable wireless devices are dangerous, but there are even studies showing they’re counterproductive. For example, studies show sleep trackers actually make insomnia worse

So if you’re unsure whether the convenience of these devices is worth the negative effects, you better listen up. I’m here to tell you that they are certainly not, and I’m going to give you all the reasons why. Plus, I’ll go into ways to wean yourself off of these dangerous little Bluetooth devices, so you can protect your body and stay safe.

  • [00:03:25] Pulse points 
  • [00:04:44] A brief history of Bluetooth technology
  • [00:07:55] Why you should care
  • [00:10:30] Fitbit effects
  • [00:13:00] Missed opportunities by government agencies
  • [00:15:45] What to do about it

Episode Transcript

Darin: It’s that time of the week for another fatal convenience. This is a bite-size segment that addresses some of society’s fatal conveniences and the steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim of them. I define fatal conveniences as the things we may be doing because the world we live in makes us believe we have to, tap water, shampoo, sunglasses, food. I dive into the hidden truths behind some of our everyday choices that could not only be harming us but even killing us, so let’s dive in.

Darin: Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. This is Darin Olien. This is Fatal Conveniences. This one, man, there’s some intelligent people, smart people, they keep using these, and that is Bluetooth wearable devices. Yes, that’s right. I’m saying it. I’ve done a fatal convenience on the earbuds, and those kinds of things in your head. And now I’m going after these wearable devices, Fitbits, tracking things, sleep trackers, phones on your wrists. It’s a really insane idea, and this is why. The body is electric. There are some great books. There’s a new one out, Robert and Gary Selden, and Maria Guarnaschelli, it’s called The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life. It’s a landmark book. These are pioneers in the field of bioelectric science presenting a fascinating look in the role of electricity as it relates to healing. And another great book, a good friend of mine, it’s been on the podcast, Dr. Jerry Tennant. Healing is Voltage, Scalar energy, The Essence of Life. So when I was talking to Dr. Jerry Tennant, he was like, here’s your pH and alkalinity, that’s the body’s ability to create conductivity. That’s what it is. People get all “what’s acidic?” “what’s pH, high pH,” all this stuff, and they’re talking about health, but it’s really about voltage. When you hit your thumb. with a hammer, it gets red, it pulsates. But when healing is happening, the body increases voltage to allow for the healing process to occur, to pull in the necessary nutrients. And that increase of millivolts in the body is necessary for all healing. If it doesn’t have the electrolytes, if it doesn’t have the essence of the minerals, if it doesn’t have alkalinity, food, meaning high voltage food that comes from the sun, your body won’t be able to heal. So these are great books. But the issue is wearable technologies are just coming in at us from all directions. It is crazy. Every time I see someone with an apple watch on their wrist freaks me out.

You’ve got a major pulse point where you’re receiving EMF radiation signals 24/7 all the time. There are many devices out there that kill parasites, viruses, all that stuff through electric medicine. Dr. Hulda Clark, Bob Beck, Nikola Tesla, all of these great inventors have understood scalar energy. They’ve understood wavelengths. Dr. Royal Rife in the early 1900s realized that everything had a frequency that if you give disease, bacteria, viruses, an equal and opposite frequency of which that it lives on, it nullifies it, and it kills it. So we have known about frequencies for a long time, but now in this day and age, we’re just pretending we don’t know. So all of these Bluetooth devices are just causing more and more electrical pollution in our bodies. And then we keep slapping them on our body, and we’re electric beings and these are not sympathetic or bioavailable for your body, which causes detrimental effects. Certainly, added up over time causes serious problems. So a little history.

I talked about this in the Bluetooth. There was Dr. Jaap Haartsen in 1994, originally created Bluetooth. He named it after the renowned viking and king who united Denmark and Norway back in the 10th century. It was the Viking Bluetooth. That’s right. So step counters, wired headphones are quite harmless but as technology has progressed, so as potential dangers for the human body. Fun facts, in 2008, only 5% of mobile devices were Bluetooth enabled. And that was in 2008. Today, approximately 95% of the mobile devices support it. So that means not only now there’s infinitely more billions of more devices out there, and most of them have Bluetooth. And so it’s throwing around this electromagnetic pollution all over the place. You just can’t see it. That’s why I’m raising the attention so that you do see it. Years ago, the range limit for Bluetooth was around 10 feet. Now it’s upwards to 100 feet. So where are we getting all these EMFs? Well, of course, cell phones, laptops, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, cordless phones are gnarly. The frequencies on cordless phones are really bad, microwaves. And of course now all of these Bluetooth devices, these Fitbits, these things that are like this is for your health, these sleep monitors, headphones, air buds, tracking this, tracking that, keyboard this that, no more wires, all of it goes on and on and on monitoring everything, sending more and more EMFs into your body. That’s what’s really going on. A study at Cornell University found that the initial driver of the mobile electronic market was fitness and health care gadgets. That’s the irony, right? The convergence of wearables, such as smartwatches, and activity trackers has initiated the growth of smart technology in healthcare, wireless blood pressure, respiratory rates, wristbands, or patches for home diagnosis. You can see that yes, these are conveniences and seemingly, it’s fine, but they’re slapping them on your wrist, they’re slapping them where there are major major pulse points. And now we even have smart sunglasses on your face next to your brains. Smart glasses on your face, earbuds in your ears next to your brain, and a smartwatch on your pulse point, you’re electrifying in a negative way, all the blood affecting the calcium channels, the blood-brain barrier, it goes on and on and on. And then 24/7, it’s in your house, it’s on your body. Why should we care?

Well, we walk into a room, we are inundated with this stuff all the time. And more and more devices keep having these smart-type signals. That’s why they want to 5G us to death. They want to blanket our entire planet with the ability for every electronic to talk to each other and they don’t realize it’s cutting through us and affecting our health. And most people have no idea what’s going on. So why are they harmful? There’s an incredible study, many studies, there’s over 240 studies on EMFs, wearable devices on people’s health. There is a great study done, human electromagnetic field exposure and wearable communications, and review by several researchers. “The concern on human health is often overseen while wearable devices attract exploding interest mainly due to extreme proximity or a direct physical contact to the human skin. Wearable communication devices are acknowledged to cause higher levels of specific absorption rate. SAR, that’s specific absorption rate at the skin surface. So the specific absorption rate is a quantitative measure of incident energy absorbed per unit of mass and time. Intuitively, the SAR quantifies the rate at which the human body absorbs energy from an EMF. So that’s how they measure it, specific absorption rate. They have a whole measurement ability to understand how much EMF is absorbing into the skin and into the body. A human body absorbs electromagnetic radiation while causes thermal or nonthermal heat in the affected tissues. More than 240 scientists believe that current national and international guidelines for exposure to radiofrequency radiation are inadequate to protect the human health.

In fact, Fitbit, a company well known for its Wi-Fi-based watch type health monitoring device series, recalled this activity tracker product in 2014 due to continuous reports of dizziness, erratic pulse, nausea, pain, and headaches. I bet you didn’t even know about that. They squash all of that information. Relevantly to the amount of EMF receiving and hitting the body, disrupting the body’s electromagnetic field, a recent study suggested that wearing a sleep tracker may worsen insomnia. Earpod, unlike Fitbit, a head-worn device such as a wireless headset represents another dimension of potential risk. An example is AirPod, a wireless earbud, which I talked about before, right into the brain increases high amounts of SAR, the receiving high immittance from this Bluetooth device. It’s so proximal to the brain causing some serious health concerns. The temperature for the skin’s outer surface normally ranges from 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. The pain detection threshold temperature for human skin is approximately 43 degrees Celsius, and any temperature exceeding it can cause long-term injury. Heating is considered as significant impact since it can cause subsequent effects such as cell damage and protein induction. It is also known that high-frequency EMF affects sweat glands, peripheral nerves, the eyes, the testes, and may even have indirect effects on many other organs of the body. If that wasn’t enough, a recent study reported that exposure of fetal mice to EMF radiation around 800 to 1900 hertz cellular telephones 24 hours a day affected neuron development and subsequent behavior. Exposed subjects showed memory impairments. Furthermore, there is research that proves that these exposure levels can open the blood-brain barrier leading to neurodegenerative disease and even cancer.

Even though the FCC, which the rates haven’t been adjusted for nearly 40 to 50 years, states that the low levels of radiation emitted by the device like Bluetooth headphones are safe, and they don’t even look at the research. What the hell? Another opportunity to do something better, but they are, from my point of view, not in research probably being manipulated by the dollars. Disturbances in heart rate due to EMF exposure has been studied. Diurnal rhythms of blood pressure, heart rate of healthy men aged 28 to 49 were measured on the basis of data from 24 hours of recordings. The study concluded that exposure to EMF for occupation can result in changes of the diurnal rhythms of blood pressure and heart rate while lowering of the amplitudes and a shift in the active phase. So the bottom line is it’s affecting the heart, it’s affecting the blood, it’s affecting the heart rhythms, it’s affecting blood pressure. All of these things we’re not even looking at. Even the World Health Organization released an article about ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is a type of energy by atoms that travel in the form of electromagnetic waves, gamma or x-ray or particulates, neurons, beta, and alpha. These are still a risk of long-term effects such as cancer. However, that may appear years or even decades later. Yes, we’re in a massive experiment. That’s why every fatal convenience I reveal is an experiment. We know there’s danger and we’re doing nothing about. So guess what? You have to do it. Yes, you have to take responsibility for yourself in your life. That’s it. No more victim. You’ve got to put on your big boy pants or big woman pants and deal with this stuff. Effects of this type of radiation will occur until a long term radiation and dose. The risk is higher in children and adolescents. Crazy. Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote a great book called EMF*d, 5G, WiFi, Cell Phones, Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself. “One of the most concerning aspects of this process is when ionizing radiation passes through the nucleus of the cells where most of our DNA is stored. It has enough energy to directly break some of the covalent bonds of our DNA. This is the way that ionizing radiation causes genetic damage, which can then lead to cell death, or even cancer.”

Small changes people, set your boundaries, take off the wearables, take off the trackers. You don’t have to track your sleep, Sleep Smart, by Shawn Stevenson, great book. Learn how to sleep better. You don’t have to put on a frickin Bluetooth that will affect your body so that you won’t be able to sleep. You don’t have to do that. So go back to wearing headphones that are connected, throw away the damn watch. Don’t even give it away. It’s not healthy for anybody. And if you are using some, use it sparingly and don’t keep all of these on your body 24/7, turn them off, shut them down, all of that stuff. This is common sense, you know what to do. And please listen to me very carefully. Don’t allow your children to own wearable Bluetooth devices. You hear me? Research has shown that the softer brains of children make them more and more susceptible to radiation. It subsequently will absorb more radiation into them than adults. For this reason, exposure to EMF generated by wearable devices can be particularly dangerous for children. So there you go. You can be smart, shut these things down. You now know that these Bluetooth devices are dangerous. Shut them down, turn them off, wean yourself off of them. They’re dangerous. They can lead you into many problems in an experimental fashion, and we have no idea what we’re doing. Remember, we are an electric body, an electric being. And we require the proper electricity to heal. And if we are disrupted by these non-assimilative waveforms, by way of EMFs, it’s affecting our health, it’s affecting our life, it’s affecting our brains, affecting our hearts, it’s affecting our blood, and it’s affecting everything. So be smart. And remember, it’s tough love sometimes, but I love you. Peace.

Darin: Thanks for tuning in everyone. I hope that left you feeling inspired to take a closer look at the everyday choices you’re making and how they could be impacting your health and even the planet. If you want to learn more about life’s fatal conveniences, head over to You can sign up for the exclusive access to Fatal Conveniences episodes, news, insights, and more. And all this great stuff gets sent each week straight to your inbox, making it really easy. Now, that’s a convenience without the negative side effects. It only takes a few seconds to join. Just fill in the form and take that amazing step towards making better choices. Remember, small changes can have a big impact. So, keep diving my friends, keep diving. And if you haven’t had a chance to check out the interview, I released earlier on the week, here’s what you missed:

Dr. Amy: All my friends who learned about intermittent fasting, they’re all fasting for like 16 to 20 hours a day. So I did it. And by day three, I felt exhausted. I felt like my cravings were out of control. My sleep was disturbed. And I knew there was something wrong. And so I gave up because I said, oh, fasting is not for me. And what I realized is that I was sending my brain signals that I was in danger, in emergency mode. And anyone who has dieted really hard, and women and men really know how this goes. Your body will try to counteract, if it senses that you’re starving yourself, it will turn up those hunger hormones, it will make you less likely to sleep so that you can forage for food, and you end up feeling exhausted, like only thinking about food. So to counteract that, I thought of a way to do it for myself, and for many busy people, men and women alike, is circadian fasting. So circadian rhythms and intermittent fasting kind of combined together. 

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  • Deborah Soulier
    Posted at 03:46h, 08 November

    Hi Darin….love your show! I do have a Fitbit and have always worried about wearing it. I wear it for the heartrate tracker as I have had heart surgery for an extra electrical pathway that I was born with causing an issue called SVT. High heartrates.

    Can you recommend something that does not emit EMF that could take its place?

    I just joined 121 Tribe….love it!