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Filtered Water | Fatal Conveniences™

Filtered Water | Fatal Conveniences™

It is absolutely necessary to filter the contaminants out of your tap water before drinking. But does your filtered water contain the necessary electrolytes that your body so desperately needs?

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Nearly 75% of Americans are dehydrated. But it’s not just water their bodies are lacking.

I’ve covered water topics on this podcast before, but this time we are diving into filtered water. Now, before we go on any further- if you get your water from a natural source, you’re good to go! However, the majority of Americans get their water from a tap. And depending on your local public water system, it could be full of dangerous contaminants. So, yes, you need to filter your water. However, water that has been filtered is essentially a clean slate. Not only are the dangerous toxins taken out, but also the necessary minerals your body needs.

In this episode, I go deep into the kinds of water filtration that is best for your body, and how to get necessary electrolytes back into your filtered water. Electrolytes are essential to hydration. And without them, your cells can become unbalanced. But what is the best way to get electrolytes back into your clean, filtered water? Well, that depends on different factors as well. But don’t worry, we’ll cover all the do’s and don’ts of filtered water, hydration and electrolytes in this important episode!


[00:02:30] The history of filtering water

[00:06:23] So what’s so bad about filtered water?

[00:08:40] What about my Brita filter?

[00:09:30] The need for electrolytes in the body

[00:13:30] What happens to your body when you’re dehydrated?

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1 Comment
  • Guy Lacroix
    Posted at 10:46h, 03 March

    Hi Darin. Great topic. I have been re-mineralizing my filtered water with ConcenTrace trace element drops from Utah’s Great Salt Lake. Do you know if those minerals are small enough to be absorbed into our cells? Not sure if it meets the plant derived mineral definition.