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Getting Rid of Plastic One Water Bottle at a Time | David Cuthbert

Getting Rid of Plastic One Water Bottle at a Time | David Cuthbert

Water is the world’s most precious resource. However, 86% of plastic water bottles end up sitting in landfills or waterways in the United States alone. While everyone needs access to clean drinking water, there has to be a better way. Thankfully, there are companies committed to sustainability– which means more water and less plastic.


David Cuthbert is working towards less plastic waste, one water bottle at a time.

As the CEO of Mananalu, David has had a diverse career that always led him back to water. With a background in the Navy, he eventually was able to help people across the world gain access to clean water. So it only made sense to land at a purpose-driven water company that strives to eliminate single-use plastic bottles. David knows that in order to build a company aimed at the greater good, sustainability always needs to be the end game.

Founded by actor and activist Jason Momoa, Mananalu is the only bottled water company that actively removes plastic from ocean-bound waste. Their “Drink One, Remove One” initiative means just that– for every bottle of Mananalu sold, the equivalent of one plastic bottle is removed from the environment. All this is possible thanks to Mananalu’s partnership with rePurpose Global, the world’s leading plastic action platform. Mananalu bottles their water in aluminum instead of plastic, with a commitment to not only not use plastic, but also to help rid it from the Earth.

You guys hear me talk about water A LOT.

I’m always looking for ways to help people worldwide access clean water. You also hear me talk about plastic A LOT. In fact, I think those are my top two topics of conversation– water and plastic! That’s why I was so excited to have David on my show. I connected with Jason Momoa recently and heard more about this amazing company and everything they’re doing to help rid our oceans of single-use plastic.

Every time you buy anything, you contribute to the preservation or the destruction of our planet. There’s no other way to see it at this point. And when it comes to products like water bottles, it’s clear the demand isn’t going away. So we need companies like Mananalu to come in and find solutions that make sense. Like David says, everyone votes with their pocketbook. So how are we going to purchase sustainability? One water bottle at a time.


[00:06:18] What’s the mission of Mananalu Water?

[00:15:45] Partnering with Jason Momoa and Mananalu

[00:24:44] Offsetting plastic use through water bottles?

[00:37:37] Forcing the beverage industry to reckon with the plastic problem


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  • Vickie Bell
    Posted at 08:12h, 24 August

    Just listened to this episode and had to share! Love to hear about companies that are making a difference! I’m always trying to convince my family to recycle. Have the bins to recycle plastic, paper, and glass. Need to add one for aluminum. I have tried this a couple of times with no buy in. Maybe since I shared this episode it will help.

  • Mindi Larrabee
    Posted at 12:33h, 24 August

    Aluminum cans are gaining traction. I work in the food and beverage department for Hayden Homes Amphitheater, in partnership with Live Nation, in Bend, OR. We have an entire “green” team at each concert (over 50 this year) that sorts compost, recyclables and trash. We only serve cans, compostable cups as well as LIQUID DEATH water in a can. Most people are surprised and skeptical when they order a water that it’s coming in a can. I remind them that all the other beverages, beer, seltzers, ciders, even wine, etc all come in cans…why can’t the water?? 🙂 I understand the downside is there is no lid.

    Thank you for sharing this interview. It makes me feel we can actually, FOR REALS, move completely away from plastic bottles and over to aluminum or other sustainable materials. I listen every week, and although my main interests are health and wellness (and there’s plenty of other podcasts out there), it’s Darin’s relentless and undeniable passion for the Earth and people that keeps me coming back. Thanks Darin! Looking forward to Season 2 of Down to Earth.