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Green Blockchains: What are they? And how can they change the future of cryptocurrency? | Uma Hagenguth & Douglas Horn

Green Blockchains: What are they? And how can they change the future of cryptocurrency? | Uma Hagenguth & Douglas Horn

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As we enter the cryptocurrency era, how do we remain focused on environmental solutions? Learning more about green blockchains– what they are and how to create them– is the first step. 


Uma Hagenguth & Douglas Horn are here to explain green blockchains and how to use them. Website Quote - “We’ve come so far in the last ten years, that the next five years is just going to be revolutionary.”

I had Uma on the podcast just a few months ago. But to refresh your memory, she is the founder and COO of APPICS, a reward-based social media app. She began her career very young and co-founded a digital marketing agency while learning about the crypto space. Uma saw the possibilities of cryptocurrency and focused all her energy on them beginning in 2013. After becoming a top crypto blogger for Steemit, she combined her love of blockchains and philanthropy to create APPICS. Through this innovative app, Uma could bring value back to the user, empowering the use of social media through cryptocurrency.

Douglas Horn is the CEO of GoodBlock and the Founder of the Telos blockchain. He’s also a developer of foundational Web3 technology like dStor decentralized cloud storage, Decide Voter app, and Telos Decide governance engine. He’s responsible for many Telos and Telos EVM innovations and is an expert on green blockchains and the future of green crypto. 

Since having Uma on the podcast, I’ve learned so much more about the cryptocurrency space, and the future of green blockchains. But again, I’m no expert on this complicated technology. Uma and Douglas are– for sure! I wanted to have them both on so we could dig deeper into how green blockchains can help the environment and our collective financial future.

If you’re intimidated by the concept of blockchain,

trust me, you’re not alone. But Douglas and Uma compare that intimidation to how we all felt when social media was first introduced. You may not fully understand it now, but that won’t stop it from becoming huge! Since blockchains are the underlying technology that makes cryptocurrency possible, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, they’re here to stay, so it’s time to familiarize ourselves with them and start using them in simple ways, like with apps like APPICS. 

Because of the work that I do, I’m most interested in green blockchains and green crypto. So I asked Douglas and Uma about green blockchains specifically– what makes a blockchain green, and how do you find green blockchains? Since Telos is the greenest blockchain currently in existence, Douglas was certainly the one to ask. So don’t worry if you don’t know much about the cryptocurrency space– let’s learn about green blockchains together. 


[00:05:27] Blockchain, Metaverse & the evolution of technology

[00:09:30] Eliminating the middleman with Blockchain

[00:16:04] Cryptocurrency as the second market

[00:26:43] Why Telos is the greenest Blockchain

[00:36:02] How green blockchains create value

[00:51:49] Technology as a means of regeneration 


Want to contribute to environmental solutions, but don’t know where to start?

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