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Holiday Decorations | Fatal Conveniences™

Holiday Decorations | Fatal Conveniences™

Decorating your home is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Holiday decorations are bright, colorful and so much fun. But are they safe for you and your family? The answer may surprise you.

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Americans spend more than 6 Billion dollars annually on Holiday decorations.

I’m not going to knock decking the halls. Like most people, I love the sight of festive, colorful decorations this time of year. But because of the work that I do, I can’t ignore the research. It turns out, most of this cheap, shiny holiday decor is full of dangerous toxins.

Now, I’m not talking about those handmade, wooden or ceramic decorations you inherited from your grandmother. I’m talking about those inexpensive, bright shiny tree decorations, plastic tinsel, and pretty much anything you find in the holiday section of your local superstore. Not only are those decorations terrible for the environment for obvious reasons, but they also may be off-gassing toxic chemicals into your home.

One of my biggest concerns about holiday decorations is that kids tend to be all over them. They pick them up, cuddle them or even put them in their mouth. You have to remember- if a product isn’t specifically made for children, the company doesn’t have to warn you about potential hazards, like lead and fire retardants. 

So, should you throw all your holiday decorations away? Not necessarily. But stick to those heirlooms you can pass down from generation to generation. And for new stuff each year, get creative! Get back to nature, collect pinecones, make some old-fashioned popcorn garlands…there’s so much you can do! Have a safe, happy and planet-friendly holiday filled with the people you love.


[00:01:37] Nature as the original holiday decor

[00:05:00] America’s obsession with holiday decorations

[00:07:15] So what’s the problem with decorations?

[00:12:30] Hidden flame retardants in your ornaments

[00:13:05] How to lessen the risk of exposure

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  • Maria Sulprizio
    Posted at 17:36h, 10 December

    Loved the episode! Do you have any ideas for renting a live tree?