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Holiday Gifts | Fatal Conveniences™

Holiday Gifts | Fatal Conveniences™

Everyone loves giving and receiving gifts over the holiday season. But do we take it too far? Is all this excessive spending necessary? 

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Nearly 5 billion pounds of gifts end up in landfills during the Holiday season.

Americans go nuts giving gifts over the holidays. We spend, spend and spend without really thinking about why. In fact, many people go into debt buying Christmas presents for their friends and family. Why? Well, for decades we’ve been bombarded with messaging that buying holiday gifts is necessary this time of year. The pressure to spend money on material things is everywhere you look. 

Giving is actually a beautiful thing. Putting thought into picking out the perfect gift for someone you love is something to be celebrated. However, if you’re buying gifts just to fill some imaginary quota in your head, it’s time to rethink your holiday habits. What started a well-intended tradition, evolved into a marketing ploy of the wealthy. And we’re still falling for it!

I’m not against giving gifts for the holidays. I spend a lot of time and energy each year planning out gifts for my loved ones. But I always try to support local artists and craftsmen and companies that care about the environment when I choose my gifts.Instead of splurging on unnecessary crap that ends up in landfills, let’s all put a little more effort into conscious gift giving this year.


[00:01:54] The origin of holiday gift giving

[00:05:35] So what’s wrong with giving gifts?

[00:07:40] The psychology of gift giving at Christmas

[00:10:38] Conscious gift giving

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