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Lotion | Fatal Conveniences™

Lotion | Fatal Conveniences™

It’s important to remember that everything you put on your body, goes in your body. So when you’re slathering that store-bought lotion all over your skin, do you know what you’re really moisturizing with?

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Most store-bought lotion is full of hormone-disrupting, cancer-causing ingredients.

We’ve covered similar topics in previous episodes, but I really want to stress this point – most of the lotions and moisturizers you purchase in the store are terrible for you. I get that you want to avoid dry skin and keep it supple and wrinkle-free, but there are better options than these chemical cocktails masquerading as lotion.

There are three red flags to look for when reading the ingredients on a lotion bottle: Parabens, Fragrance and Mineral Oil.

In this episode, I thoroughly break down each one, what names they may be listed as, and why they’re so bad for your skin, your body and your health. The scary thing is that companies don’t even have to disclose some of the toxins they’re putting in your lotion. 

The most frustrating thing about these nasty lotions is that nature has everything we need! When we turn our backs on nature and instead look for these chemical-laden products that promise the world, we’re just looking for trouble. Why use lotion at all when there are so many natural – and cheap – alternatives. I’m team coconut oil all the way, but there are SO many other plant oil options. A good rule of thumb is: if you can safely put it in your mouth, you can safely put it on your skin. If you can eat it, go nuts, rub it all over your body! But, the number one way to avoid dry skin is to stay hydrated. We’ll go through it all in the show – so listen up and drop that lotion bottle!


[00:01:32] The use of moisturizing lotion throughout history

[00:03:25] What exactly is lotion?

[00:08:12] Anti-aging ingredients added to lotion

[00:09:02] The ingredients to look out for

[00:12:24] Chemical fragrances in lotions and the harm they cause

[00:19:48] What to look out for and what to use instead

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  • Sam Worsley
    Posted at 22:57h, 18 November

    Really wish your recommendations were a little more cost conscious. I would need another career if I wanted to be able to afford $50 lotion every month. I bought the AquTru water system and love it, so the recommendations are always solid, but really wish there were more that are accessible to more people.

  • Teresa klein
    Posted at 05:39h, 19 November

    I happen to see you guys Hannah today show I live in a life like I’m a hundred year old I’m 56 years old p*** or a little age became severe asthmatic always in and out of the hospital and I got older and I was diagnosed with stage 4 COPD I didn’t smoke I have so much information on my chest and my body went with the arthritis and neuropathy on even losing my teeth from all the steroid medication I was you could tell me something I could do if someone could help me I’m on disability I’m not going to be before all kinds of products do you have any recommendations to me Teresa Klein

  • Rafaela Branco
    Posted at 12:04h, 21 November

    Another fantastic episode, thank you for all the information.
    I believe you mentioned retinol as something else to stay away from? I browsed the web and couldn’t find anything related to retinol being harmful, on the contrary, all websites and doctors say it’s good for you. If you do have any details around this, it would be much appreciated. This stuff is in every possible cream and serum for the face and is also advertised as something great for acne, hydration and anti anti aging.

  • ashy
    Posted at 08:14h, 22 November

    Can you please do Fatal Conveniences on Silicone, Styrofoam, and Paper towel? <3

  • Leighanna Hulsey
    Posted at 11:31h, 30 November

    Hey, Darin! I just recently got a job at a spa in St. Louis that applauds itself for using a popular brand of skincare products that are “plant based” and made with plant botanicals but even when I look at the ingredients I’m seeing questionable ingredients and “fragrance”.

    I never used to pay attention to name brands of skincare products until now because I now work with them on the daily, but thank you for helping to get this info out there! It’s a crazy world we live in.

  • Michelle Munro
    Posted at 17:40h, 18 January

    Come on!… I thought I was doing right by my child by using mineral oil on his q-tips to help loosen his earwax. So much to learn… thank you for this enlightening platform 🙏🏼