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Regeneration For You and the Planet | Paul Hawken

Regeneration For You and the Planet | Paul Hawken

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What is regeneration? It’s a radical new approach to the climate crisis, yes. But it also can be applied within. Regeneration is all about renewing your approach to living- for yourself, your community and the planet. 


Paul Hawken wrote the book on Regeneration. And he’s living it, too. Regeneration is putting life at the center of every action and decision

As an environmentalist, entrepreneur, author and activist, Paul has dedicated his life to saving the planet. He focuses on environmental sustainability by changing the relationship between business and the environment. Not only is Paul one of the environmental movement’s leading voices, I also consider him a personal mentor.

One of the very first companies Paul founded, in the 60s, was Erewhon. It was one of the first natural food companies in the US – and the first store I frequented when I moved to California. This revolutionary grocery store relies solely on sustainable agriculture methods, and was the start of Paul’s environmental journey. Businesses have such a powerful position to either help or hurt the environment. And the choices they make should affect the choices you make.

Paul’s latest book, Regeneration – Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation, is a must-read. I nearly finished it in one sitting!  He’s appeared in dozens of talks shows, has been featured in hundreds of publications, and has been a guest on many podcasts. All of it is to spread his message of regeneration for the planet.

So, what exactly is regeneration? In this episode, Paul goes deep into the concept, which is based on his philosophy of creating “unreasonable goals”. Most people in the world are disengaged from the climate crisis. They see it as an abstract problem that doesn’t really involve them, and find it too difficult to get involved in any meaningful capacity. Regeneration aims to create, build and heal – not in the future, but in the present. Paul and I go deep into the concept as a whole, and he explains the many facets regeneration touches. Like Paul, I truly believe that we can only help the planet when we come together, and this conversation is a brilliant example of just that. 


[00:12:29] The truth about climate change

[00:17:32] Putting life at the center of every decision

[00:27:00] What does regeneration mean?

[00:30:45] Creating an unreasonable goal

[00:39:20] Regenerating your own power supply

[00:49:55] How regeneration can ween us off of big Pharma



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