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#LOVEHowYouLive – Challenge 4

#LOVEHowYouLive – Challenge 4

Detoxification is a major force in our bodies and I explain it in depth in my NEW book. YOU can help your body detox‬ with superfoods‬, tonics‬, ‪‎smoothies‬, and juicing‬. The greatest elements to HEAL and create a STRONG body is through food medicines, compounds, and elements to assist the body naturally‬.

Today I had a cup of warmed almond milk, a teaspoon of powdered Turmeric with 2 teaspoons of manuka honey to give my immune system a boost and to help recover from a hard week of workouts. Another good mix is ginger, mint, lemon for a powerful detoxer and alkalinizer!

CHALLENGE 4: Be your own “Detox Mixologist” this weekend and create a masterful FLU STOPPER drink with food medicines‬ to stay ahead of cold season using 2-4 of these ingredients: garlic, lemon, ginger, mint, parsley, honey, spinach, and turmeric (powdered or whole).

Let me know what you tried! Amazing, cringe-worthy? Experiment! If you LOVE it, share your recipe below with the SuperLife community using the hashtag ‪#‎LOVEHowYouLive‬! I’ll choose a winner to feature on the blog and name it after you. (Update: Try the winning recipe!)

For everyone just tuning in, you can join in the #LOVEHowYouLive challenge at any time, which is counting down to the release of my book. Find out more about the book here:

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