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Nose Breathing for Optimal Health, The BOLT Test, and More with Patrick McKeown

Nose Breathing for Optimal Health, The BOLT Test, and More with Patrick McKeown

You may feel that you get more oxygen when you breathe in through your mouth, but the science shows, it’s just not true. 


In the latest episode of The Darin Olien Show, I sit down with Patrick McKeown from Oxygen Advantage, to discuss the fascinating connections between nose breathing, facial aesthetics, and overall health. We begin by discussing how choosing a good-looking face is related to proper breathing and delve into the problems associated with mouth breathing. Our conversation goes over the high-level functions of the nose and the importance of conscious deep breathing, including when and why to do it.

We introduce the concept of hyperoxygenation and the BOLT (body oxygen level test) and explore various ways to improve oxygen saturation. We also discuss the consequences of not breathing properly and what you might be missing out on.

Throughout the episode, we emphasize the importance of proper breathing techniques and their impact on various aspects of our lives, from physical health and appearance to mental well-being and success.

Patrick McKeown grew up with debilitating asthma. In 1998, he found an article in an Irish newspaper about the Buteyko breathing method. He tried the exercise to unblock his nose and was struck by how well it worked. Since then, he has become a leading expert on breathing and an advocate for its health benefits.

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What we discuss…

4:00 Choosing a good looking face due to breathing

9:00 The problem of mouth breathing 

13:06 High level functions of the nose 

25:30 Conscious deep breathing- when and why to do it
32:40 Hyperoxygenation and the BOLT (body oxygen level test) 

37:37 Ways to improve oxygen saturation 

47:55 What you’re missing by not breathing properly 

57:47 How we got to a place of high toxins, but we still give in

1:07:10 Our education system is flawed

1:10:30 Patrick’s biggest vision

1:14:10 Where to find more from Oxygen Advantage 

…and more!


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