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Why You Need to Rethink Getting the Flu Shot

Why You Need to Rethink Getting the Flu Shot

Avoiding the flu during flu season sometimes seems “easier said than done” but I’m here to tell you that it is possible to stay HEALTHY all year long as long as you truly take the right steps to support yourself during the holiday cold and flu season.

My approach doesn’t involve getting a flu shot though!

The flu shot is the top priority to prevent yourself and family from getting the flu, according to The Center for Disease Control (CDC).

You’re probably seeing the signs up around the office. And many companies even bring a nurse to administer the shots on site. There’s actually a lot of pressure to conform and get a flu shot.

It sounds good in theory, but in reality the flu shot is like playing Russian Roulette. You’re not sure what you’re going to get. 

Strains of the flu virus are constantly changing, so a new flu vaccine must be made each year. Scientists make the vaccine before flu season starts by guessing – yes, guessing – which flu strains are likely to be the most common during the upcoming season.

Why would you rely on a guess from scientists instead of choosing healthy habits you control that will boost your immune system?

Flu shots also have never been proven to he helpful in keeping you from getting the flu. No, I am NOT making that up. It is right on the packaging (below), which they never show you.

Did you know the flu shot has NEVER been proven to be effective? Read more about why you should rethink the flu shot on

More importantly, flu shots contain mercury. Yes, they still do, despite some pretty damming evidence at how toxic mercury is inside the human body. No version or amount of mercury is safe in your body. Zero. Mercury irrefutably has been linked to kidney failure, birth defects, termination of pregnancies, and even brain damage.

The fact that flu shots probably won’t even help you anyway (since they are a guess) and are also guaranteed to fill your body with a toxic metal (mercury) at levels 25,000 times higher than the EPA limit for mercury in drinking water are just two of many reasons you should not get the flu shot. If you continue reading the data below you might just begin to understand why.

I believe that common sense preventative measures are more beneficial for flu prevention than the CDC will ever admit for the average, moderately healthy adult. (There are always exceptions).

Germs are actually opportunistic, thriving in people whose bodies have a weakness or imbalance internally.

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A healthy balance of beneficial bacteria and healthy body environments keeps the unhealthy stuff out and in balance. Taking steps to keep your body healthy is more powerful than a flu shot any day.

Need some convincing that the flu shot isn’t your best bet? Check out this chart :

This CDC chart shows flu vaccine effectiveness from 2005 to 2016.

This CDC chart shows flu vaccine effectiveness from 2005 to 2016.

The chart is available to the public online and it’s published annually after each and every flu season has commenced.

Take a close look. This chart lists the overall effectiveness of the flu vaccine each year based on scientific data collected by the government beginning in 2004.


In 2004, the flu vaccine was found to be 10% effective when it came to protecting those who received the vaccination from contracting the flu at some point during the season.

10 percent!!!!

(To put it simply, only 1 out of every 10 people who were vaccinated did not contract the flu during that year.)

Fast forward 10 years… the 2014-2015 flu season wasn’t much better in comparison. After 10 years of additional research and money spent towards developing the vaccine, the influenza vaccine was found to be only 23% effective overall.

That’s an extremely minimal improvement over a period of 10 years.

Those results are not convincing enough for me to believe that this vaccine is the “BEST OPTION” and “TOP PRIORITY” when it comes to preventing myself from getting the flu.

At a minimum, the flu shot cannot be the only tool in your toolbox when it comes to preventing the flu from making you sick this year.

The flu shot should NOT be the only tool in your toolbox to stay healthy this flu season. Here's what you really need from!

Last year, the overall effectiveness rate did increase to 47%, which may sound promising at first, but that’s not reliable data to convince yourself that things are getting any better. Look at the wild ups and downs. If you look a little closer at the chart you’ll see that in 2013, the effectiveness rate of 51% was quickly surpassed by a much less effective vaccination (23%) the following year, once again proving that the science behind the vaccine is unreliable.

On a little side note… the level of health and wellness of each individual prior to getting vaccinated has never been a factor studied in any of the above data.

So, if you think about it, maybe it’s possible that during that year of 10% effectiveness… that the one person out of every 10 vaccinated that didn’t get sick that year was just simply a little bit healthier than the other 9 individuals before they even received their vaccination. And it had nothing to do with the vaccination at all. Maybe it’s possible that that one person was already living a healthy lifestyle to begin with that  prevented himself or herself from getting sick at all by maintaining consistent healthy lifestyle habits, like the SuperLife lifestyle promotes.

Ultimately, whether you decide to get vaccinated against the flu this season or not, all of this data from the CDC has me convinced that we must do everything in our own power to help ourselves remain healthy and prevent these germs from winning the battle against our immune systems in the first place.

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Managing stress and getting enough sleep is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to overall health.

Some factors impacting your health may be out of your control but you can always start by managing these factors through mindful practices such as regular physical activity, meditation or yoga, getting at least eight hours of sleep whenever possible, eating food that boosts your immune system, and taking immune boosting shots when you need to. (Here’s my favorite THAT WORKS!)

Accordingly, you may not be able to control whether or not you get exposed to the flu virus in your daily routine. Chances are, you will probably come in contact with the virus multiple times a day in various locations. However, you can absolutely control whether or not your immune system is prepped well enough to make sure the exposure to any flu virus doesn’t take over and ultimately make you sick.

Remember: Your body is either a host for diseases like the flu or it is an inhospitable environment. Put up the “No Vacancy” sign this year and say “No” to the flu shot.


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  • Guy
    Posted at 03:26h, 24 November

    Awesome. Thanks for intelligently elucidating the facts around the “bogus” flu shot. The best immunity against the flu is a strong immune system from a healthy lifestyle…