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Snack Wrappers | Fatal Conveniences™

Snack Wrappers | Fatal Conveniences™

Those little snack packages sure are convenient. But what makes them so colorful and shiny? And are those chemicals and dyes soaking into your food? It’s time we looked a little closer at snack wrappers and what they’re doing to our collective health.

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You can find convenience snacks pretty much anywhere- gas stations, drug stores, hospitals, breakrooms- everywhere. And these little convenient snacks are packaged in shiny, colorful wrappers. You just tear open and eat. Easy, right? 

Honestly, their unnaturally shiny, colorful appearance should be a big enough red flag already. But these snacks have been around us our whole life, they’re pretty much a normal part of society at this point. So you may have never questioned them before. And that’s ok. Because when you know better, you do better. And I’m here to tell you that those snack wrappers are not ok. In fact, some of them are downright dangerous.

It’s important to know that any chemicals or toxins in a food wrapper are going to eventually seep into the food itself. And it doesn’t even take that long. In this episode, we’ll go over the studies showing the chemicals found in snack wrappers and what they can do to the human body. And I’ll give you easy ways to avoid snack wrappers altogether. Sure, it may take a shift in habits, but even small tweaks can have a big impact- on your health, and the health of our planet.


[00:02:00] The history of food wrappers

[00:04:35] Why you should take a closer look at that snack wrapper

[00:05:13] The toxicity of snack wrappers, according to science

[00:08:22] PFAS: What they are and why you should avoid them

[00:12:15] How to avoid snack wrappers

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