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The Role of Permaculture in the Journey to Regeneration | David Blume

The Role of Permaculture in the Journey to Regeneration | David Blume

Permaculture is about blending land, resources, people and the environment through mutually beneficial systems. Because in nature, there is no waste, only shortages and surpluses. How can integrating more regenerative practices vital to permaculture help us become more energy independent in the future?


David Blume doesn’t believe in sustainability– he believes in regeneration.

He may be a biosystematist and regenerative agriculture technology expert, but above all David is a realist. He knows the predicament we’ve put ourselves in. His years of work in the renewable energy space has taught him so much about how our planet works– and how we can work for the planet. Permaculture is just a natural state for David. And as the CEO of Blume Industries and Farmer-in-Chief at his beloved Whiskey Hill Farms, it’s the only way to be.

David has worked on experimental energy projects with NASA and at Mother Earth News. And he actively works with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). His critically acclaimed book, Alcohol Can Be A Gas!, explores the many underrated available renewable energy options. Since he was a little boy, David has been seeking ways to live regeneratively, even before he realized what it meant. Now that he knows the personal and global benefits of living the permaculture lifestyle, he wants to help us all make baby steps toward the bigger picture. 

In this episode, 

I sat in one of David’s many impressive greenhouses at Whiskey Hill Farms and we chatted about all things permaculture. Even before the phrase was coined, David was living and breathing regeneration, and everything he does is proof of just that. He shared his insightful take on shortages and surplus, and how companies can benefit from understanding this relationship in nature. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy conversations with people who just “get it”, and David is one of those dudes. We have to start understanding and respecting the relationship and connection we have with this planet. And we have to start giving back what we take from it. Embracing permaculture as a part of the norm can help us get there. After all, it’s the planet that sustains us, and it’s about time we returned the favor.


[00:06:00] David’s Permaculture origin story

[00:13:15] Looking at the world through a permaculture lens

[00:20:40] Carbohydrate economy

[00:26:23] Real solar power

[00:34:39] How can we become energy-independent?


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