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Toilet Paper | Fatal Conveniences™

Toilet Paper | Fatal Conveniences™

The area of skin you’re wiping with toilet paper is some of the most sensitive on your body. And are you really cleaning your butt? Or doing more harm than good?

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There’s a psychological reason we hoard toilet paper when times get tough: We don’t want to deal with our shit.

Yes, this is a sensitive, uncomfortable topic. But I care about you guys so much that I’m going to talk all about your butt today. It’s been suggested that Americans hoard toilet paper in times of crisis because we’re afraid to deal with and talk about our shit – both literally and figuratively. This is mind-boggling to me. Haven’t you read that children’s book yet? Everybody poops!

And when we poop, we need to clean our butts. However, wiping the sensitive skin on and around your anus with dry toilet paper isn’t exactly cleaning it. When you get something gross on your hands, do you wipe it off or wash them clean with soap? If you wash your hands, why on Earth would you wipe your butt?

But it’s not just that toilet paper isn’t very sanitary. Or that it’s too abrasive for your sensitive skin down there. It’s extremely wasteful for the environment. Americans use almost 37 BILLION rolls of toilet paper a year. And one single roll takes up to 37 gallons of water to produce. One roll! 

It’s time to ditch the scratchy toilet paper and wash your bum the old-fashioned way- with water. In this episode, I’ll dive into all the reasons why you should stop buying toilet paper. And I’ll give you some good ideas for what to use instead. Ok, let’s talk about butts, guys!


[00:01:40] Cleaning your bum throughout history

[00:02:49] The psychological reason we hoard toilet paper

[00:06:25] Toilet paper’s effect on the planet

[00:09:45] Is toilet paper really cleaning your butt?

[00:11:50] Sensitive skin and toilet paper don’t mix

[00:12:30] What you can do to stay cleaner and healthier down there

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