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Engaging in Future Thinking | Ben Greenfield

Engaging in Future Thinking | Ben Greenfield

Your story is not just about you. The actions you are taking today can impact the people of tomorrow. When it comes to future generations’ health and well-being, we need to decode some of our negative behaviors and provide our kids with a richer way of living.


Ben Greenfield is a world-renowned biohacker. 

And probably one of the healthiest people on the planet! But that wasn’t always the case. Before his health journey, he lived off hotdogs dipped in peanut butter, pizza and cheap beef burgers. Despite that, to look at him now, that is all a very distant memory.

He’s currently a body and brain performance coach and author of 14 books. This includes the New York Times Bestseller, Beyond Training. He’s a speaker, host of one of the world’s first fitness podcasts Ben Greenfield Fitness, and CEO of Ben Greenfield Fitness and Kion.

In 2013 and 2014, Ben became one of the world’s top 100 most influential people in health and fitness. As 2015 rolled in, Ben was coaching some of the world’s leading CEO’s, chefs, biohackers, endurance competitors, and professional athletes.


Ben’s quest for ultimate fitness and health never ends. As part of his pursuit of becoming the next real-life superman, he willingly tests and experiments biohacking techniques on his body. If you look at the results, it’s insane. For instance, as he celebrated his 37th birthday, his biological age was sitting at an impressive 20.

This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his accolades and achievements.

In this conversation, we talk about how your current health habits could be harming future generations and the ways you can reverse it. Also, Ben describes his eclectic childhood and how his health-conscious, home-schooled kids are learning through doing. To top it off, he tells us the ultimate morning ritual that sets you up for life.

Ben is a genius when it comes to optimizing our health, and I’m so excited for you to get an insight into how his mind works.

In this Episode:
  • Take two- the interview that never was
  • Why you should engage in plant medicine as a couple
  • Ben’s incredible childhood education
  • Unschooling – how his kids are learning through doing
  • Why there is never any “forbidden fruit” in the Greenfield household
  • The five things that a kid should know
  • How to begin changing intergenerational trauma
  • The optimal morning rituals we all can try

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