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Receipts | Fatal Conveniences™

Receipts | Fatal Conveniences™

“Would you like your receipt, sir?” I always say no to this question. Why? Because that little slip of paper is full of toxic chemicals that seep into your skin. And most people have no idea how dangerous they are.

Welcome to Fatal Conveniences™.

In this segment, we’re diving into the dangers of receipts. Grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, banks- they all give these to you. And once you’ve handled them and shoved them in your pocket or purse, the chemicals they contain are all over your skin. Once on your skin, they slowly seep into your bloodstream, messing with your health. 

The thermal paper used for these receipts is saturated in BPA and BPS. These are hormone-interrupting chemicals that can do real damage once they hit your system. Take a listen to learn more about what these toxins do to your body and why you should avoid them at all costs. Just say no to receipts!

In This Segment:
  • What are BPA and BPS, and what do they do to your body?
  • Why do these toxins get on your skin so easily?
  • What should you do to avoid thermal paper?
  • What other things besides receipts use thermal paper?

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  • Howard Davis
    Posted at 23:07h, 10 September

    When will Baruka butter be available on the website?

  • Shenna
    Posted at 17:02h, 16 September

    Once again Darin, thank you for the insight. Things like this, among a lot of other issue, really piss me off and give such me such despair, especially since we as a species cannot get enough people to come together to make the change that the planet and we need to survive and live healthy and happy.