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How to Surrender to Possibility | Kute Blackson

How to Surrender to Possibility | Kute Blackson

What does it mean to surrender? The main concept of surrender is to let go of control. You may think of surrendering as weakness, but it’s actually the exact opposite. Surrender is a superpower. We just need to understand how to do it.


Kute Blackson wants us all to surrender.

As a beloved inspirational speaker and transformational teacher, Kute is constantly empowering people to embrace the concept of surrender. His latest book, The Magic of Surrender, does just that. He’s a leader in the field of personal development and has been featured on Larry King Now, Fox and Friends, Dr. Drew and more. Kute’s bold, fresh look at spiritual awareness is primed and ready for a new generation hungry for change.

Born in Ghana as a child of a Japanese mother and a Ghanian father, Kute’s multi-cultural background has shaped who he is today. He has a unique ability to break down barriers and connect with people on a raw level. For over two decades, Kute has been inspiring people all over the world. He certainly inspired me in this conversation, and made more than one lightbulb go off in my head.

In this episode, 

Kute and I dive deep into the topic of surrender. What does it actually mean? Are you giving up control of your life and your identity? I think we all have this idea of surrender as having to give something up in order to gain something else. Kute shook up this concept entirely for me, and I think he will for you, too. A great example he used was surrendering to grief– something we fight so hard against, but a necessary part of the process of life.

During the pandemic, we all experienced collective surrender. We had to change how we worked, how we lived, even how we grocery shopped! We had no choice–we had to adapt. But choosing to surrender, to really let go of your ego and allow the universe to work in your life, is more of a conscious effort. This episode was all about the magic of surrender, why Kute describes it as a “superpower”, and how you can do it in your own life. So tune in with an open mind and surrender to the possibility of surrender.


[00:05:05] How Kute came to really understand the idea of surrendering

[00:16:04] The reality of surrender and saying goodbye

[00:26:43] Allow yourself to grieve when you need to

[00:29:40] Ok, so how do you fully surrender?

[00:45:26] The magic of surrender


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