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Finding the Flow | Logan Gelbrich

Finding the Flow | Logan Gelbrich

Some people think they only have two choices in life- Door #1 or Door #2. But what if this linear thinking has held us back our entire lives and is preventing us from growing and evolving? This is where finding your flow can be useful.

Welcome to The Darin Olien Show.

This episode features my awesome buddy Logan Gelbrich.

Logan is the founder of DEUCE Gym, which has several locations in California. DEUCE features old school training equipment like boulders, weights, and things right out of a Strongman competition. They’re unlike any gyms I’ve ever been to before and became my workout home after I lost my Malibu home to the fires. 

Logan is also the author of the amazing book Going Right: A Logical Justification for Pursuing Your Dreams. And let me tell you guys, this book is a mind opener. It explores the myth we’ve been fed our whole lives about only having two options in life, pursue your dream or take the safe route. It will shatter your thoughts on this kind of thinking, believe me.

In this episode, Logan and I get into some deep stuff and some amazing stories of his baseball days playing for the University of San Diego and professionally for the San Diego Padres. We discuss how we both have always taken the path less traveled as far as pursuing our dreams in life, and what that means for our personal growth. This conversation was a good one, guys, and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

  • There is never just two choices
  • Doing the hard thing leads to personal growth
  • Pursuing your dreams is never reckless
  • What it means to find the flow
  • Logan’s movie-worthy baseball story
  • My story of almost being in a plane crash
  • Why Logan designed DEUCE the way he did
  • Power vs. Force
  • This episode’s Fatal Convenience™: EMFs

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