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The Human Body’s Incredible Capacity for Healing

The Human Body’s Incredible Capacity for Healing

Living inside every person are trillions of microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other life forms. These microorganisms are collectively known as the microbiome. If each one of us put in some real effort to understand the microbiome and how it related to our health, our perspectives on health could shift. The human body has an incredible capacity for healing. We just need to know how to empower it to do its job.

On a recent episode of The Darin Olien Show,

I had a fascinating conversation with Dr. Zach Bush. Zach is a physician specializing in internal medicine, endocrinology, and hospice care. He is a thought leader on the human microbiome and is recognized internationally for his work on the subject. When Dr. Zach founded the Seraphic Group and the nonprofit Farmer’s Footprint, it was to fill a deep desire to develop human and environmental health solutions.

Achieving Optimal Health 

One of the biggest frustrations Zach has with modern medicine is the delusions we have about health and healing.

“We were wrong about everything,” he says.

“We only studied cardiovascular disease in the structure of a sterile petri dish. We only studied cancer in a sterile petri dish. We have no idea what the relationship of a cancer cell is to a microbiome. And yet we know that the first injury that happens towards cancer now is the disruption of the microbiome of the gut.”

So what does this mean? It means that we need to understand how the healing process works inside our bodies. “Cancer prevention isn’t about mammograms,” Zach explains. “It is about changing the flora and fauna within you.”

We Have a Whole Universe Inside Our Guts

Inside our body, the human microbiome has a whole universe that we’re not even aware of. Trillion of microorganisms working together to do one thing – heal. “It’s just brain-numbing, the complexity of coordination that’s needed to do something that we would call healing,” Zach told me. And he’s right. He told me how he’s watched atoms build three dimensional structures under a microscope in real time. And he tried to describe the feeling of awe that comes with watching what life is possible of.

But up until this point, we’ve only worked against these little microgeniuses inside us.“We could be a co-creative force on this planet for life,” Zach explained. “So far we’ve only figured out how to extract and destroy it.” All the pollutants and pesticides have affected our microbiomes. All the chemicals on our clothes, the preservatives in our food, and the toxins in our beauty products have affected our microbiomes.

If we could just understand what our bodies are capable of. If we could grasp the massive healing power located in every single one of our cells, maybe we would put more thought into how we treat our bodies.

Zach put it this way, and it gave me chills-

“I knight you with your capacity for healing. I am here to tell you you are a sovereign being endowed with all of the capacity for life to burst forth from, that it would align with your life’s purpose. There’s nobody that can separate you from this power within you.”

He continued.

“You are practicing the highest level of integrity as a human being when you come in contact with that sovereign capacity of regeneration and energy production in your body. So what are you going to set your hand to? It will be beautiful and it will manifest life if you stay in this sense of power.”

Let’s all stay in this sense of power.

To hear more of this amazing conversation with Zach, check out episode #36 of The Darin Olien Show

Embracing Your Microbiome | Zach Bush

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