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The Science Behind The Power Of Plants | Simon Hill

The Science Behind The Power Of Plants | Simon Hill

There’s no doubt that adopting a plant-based diet is amazing for your health. But plants aren’t just good for the human body, they can also improve the health of our planet. We all need to explore this concept further.


Simon Hill is a big fan of plants. You could even say he wrote the book on plants.

As the founder and host of the hugely popular Plant Proof podcast, and blog of the same name, Simon Hill frequently touts the healing power of plants. Since he’s a nutritionist and qualified physiotherapist, he kind of knows what he’s talking about. But it’s not just the human health benefits of plants that interest Simon. He spends countless hours breaking down data from scientific studies to understand all the many powers plants possess. Sure, eating a plant-based diet can help you reach your health and fitness goals. But what can they do for the health of our planet? 

Sitting under my giant oak tree, Simon and I nerded out on all things plants. His book, The Proof is in the Plants, seeks to answer the question: What if there was a way of eating that could help us live longer and healthier lives while protecting the future of our planet, too? Well, Simon thinks there is indeed a way to do that, and we dove into all the evidence supporting that claim. And trust me, this guy has plenty of evidence.

This isn’t an episode trying to convince you to go vegan, believe me. In fact, Simon believes very strongly that judging other people’s food choices is counterproductive. If we want to come together and make real change, we have to understand the context of the research being done. In order to do that, there needs to be a shift in mindset in how we understand the relationship between plants and the planet. This insightful conversation seeks to do just that. 


[00:05:35] The story behind The Proof is in the Plants

[00:08:12] Myths surrounding plant nutrition and saturated fat

[00:19:30] LDL cholesterol level standards

[00:25:22] Brains and berries

[00:41:13] Simon’s thoughts on regenerative agriculture

[00:52:06] How to make better use of our land


Book: The Proof is in the Plants

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