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Why Your Lungs Need Hydration

Why Your Lungs Need Hydration

You’ll hear me reminding you to drink plenty of clean, mineralized water pretty often in my podcast. However, we don’t focus a lot on the importance of hydration in the respiratory system. The truth is, your lungs need hydration, too. But it’s not as simple as drinking a glass of water.

In a recent episode of The Darin Show

I sat down with Dr. David Edwards- a scientist, inventor and good friend of mine. David’s latest invention, FEND, was Time Magazine’s Best Invention of the Year in 2020. All of Dr. Edward’s inventions, startups and creative spaces, both in France and the United States, have helped pioneer a new way of creating. He’s known for blending art, science and design in such a way that impacts our everyday life in a significant way. David’s most recent book, Creating Things That Matter, won the Nautilus Book Award in the category of creativity.

Between 2001 and 2019, David was a Professor of the Practice of Bioengineering at Harvard University. It was his time there that led to the startup of FEND. This hygiene product for the lungs uses a gentle, ultrafine mist made up of a precise blend of hydrating salts. Breathing in the mist strengthens your upper airways’ natural ability to clean the air you breathe. Basically, this ingenious, simple product allows you to safely and easily hydrate your lungs.


So why is a product like FEND necessary? Isn’t breathing enough? Well, no. Actually breathing isn’t enough- not breathing today’s air, anyway. If you’re lucky enough to live close to the ocean and enjoy the constant saltwater breeze, then yes, your lungs are probably pretty hydrated. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the air we breathe is not providing the kind of hydration we need for ultimate respiratory health. 

The majority of the air most Americans breathe today is considered dry. Dry air is defined as air with little to no water vapor present. Breathing dry air can be extremely irritating to the respiratory system, especially the lungs. Or as Dr. Edwards says, “The people that are at the most risk for illness are the driest.” When your lungs are “dried out”, it can lead to shortness of breath, wheezing, fatigue, and general malaise. However, hydrated lungs help cleanse the entire respiratory system. This leaves you with more oxygen in your body, more energy, and better overall health.

Why You Need Salt in Your Air

Both water and salt are fundamental to your health. In fact, they both need to be present in the air you breathe in order for your lungs to get the hydration they need. For example, when you breathe in the ocean air, the salt present in the air strengthens your body’s natural defenses. The more salt you breathe in, the more water you’re pulling in as well. And when you do that, you’re enhancing your body’s ability to clean your airways of airborne particles. 

Keeping Your Airways’ Lining Moist

It may not be your favorite word, but it’s essential to keep the lining of your airways moist. The lining along your upper airways is a natural defense against airborne particles and allergens. The lining captures the particles and cleans them away. When your airways are dry, from breathing dry air, the mucus along the lining dries out as well. This can weaken your respiratory system, leaving you vulnerable to allergies and illness. Breathing healthy, moist air, or using a product like FEND will hydrate your airways and keep the mucus in better shape for longer.

To learn more about lung hydration, read more on my conversation with Dr. David Edwards.

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  • Rose
    Posted at 15:13h, 10 March

    this is a great idea. 1. i would love to know the blend so those who can afford $40 a bottle can still gain the health benefits &2. for those who can afford would likely love a waste free /reusable system where you buy one bottle (ideally glass based) and then a refillable liquid system,