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My aim is to inspire you to take a closer look at the choices you make that affect your health and the health of the planet. And for that reason, I’d love to hear from you! For questions about anything I’ve covered on the show, or if you want to hear a certain topic covered – email my team at

#18 Jason Garner on Healing the Child Within

There’s a lot of pain in the world. There’s a lot of anger, a lot of frustration. Maybe the reason why nothing is getting solved is because we’re all approaching problems from a childish perspective. Growing as a person isn’t just about healing your present

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#16 Ronsley Vaz on Why Your Voice Matters

It can be scary to say what you’re thinking, especially in today’s divided world. We can’t let the divisiveness that surrounds us stop us from speaking our minds. It’s natural to be afraid, but say it anyway. Be courageous. Speaking your truth gives the people

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