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How Breathwork Can Change Your Life | Josh Trent

How Breathwork Can Change Your Life | Josh Trent


Breath brings coherence. We are faced with an endless amount of stress, triggers and madness on a daily basis in this life. Breathwork is a way to bring calmness to your mind so you can live with peace.


Josh Trent knows that breathwork is the only way to remain calm in the midst of chaos.

As the founder of Wellness Force Media, host of the Wellness Force Podcast AND the creator of the BREATHE: Breath & Wellness Program, Josh spends a lot of time breathing. He’s spent the last 19 years as a trainer and researcher discovering the physical and emotional intelligence necessary to thrive in today’s messy world. The mission of Wellness Force is to help people heal both emotionally and physically through the power of breathwork.

I’ve known Josh for years now, and let me tell you- this guy knows what he’s talking about. And now as a new father to a baby boy, he knows all about life’s daily stressors even more. Having dealt with anxiety for most of his life, he was always searching for a way to bring more peace to his world. When he discovered the healing powers of breathwork, he never looked back.

Now Josh is bringing his knowledge and experience to others through his breathwork programs. All his classes are designed to enlighten you on how to breathe in a way that heals your body, your mind and your emotional health. Like Josh says, 

“Everybody knows how to breathe, but no one is doing it properly.” 


I discovered the power of breathing years ago, at the beginning of my wellness journey. So, I’m so incredibly excited to bring Josh in so you can hear an expert explain just exactly how powerful breathwork really is. He even does a quick little tutorial for you, so we can all breathe together! I’m telling you guys, breathwork is such a powerful tool. And one that we all should have in our toolbox, especially with the incredible division our society is facing today. Breathing is a way to bring us all together, back to nature and in a collective state of peace and understanding. So, take a deep breath and listen to my friend Josh explain how to make breathwork a regular part of your life.


[00:05:39] Josh’s wellness journey to breathwork

[00:10:04] Learning to breathe

[00:14:18] What is breathwork?

[00:16:27] Discovering surprising things about the power of breathwork

[00:21:45] Learn circular breathing

[00:27:46] What Chaga can teach us about breathwork

[00:37:04] The 3 different types of breathing


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  • Susan Wiens
    Posted at 13:04h, 09 December

    As a yoga teacher I know the importance of breath work. Add to that I have had the great pleasure of being with Wim twice in the past couple of years. His practice took breathing to the next level. He changed my life and now I’m a cold junkie. Pranayama is crucial to this fear based human kind. . I teach my students that your nose is for breathing and yoga will help your health. Calm mind, calm nervous system, healthy body . You are correct pranayama is the new meditation. Thank you for a great podcast each week. I also ordered the safe sleeve! Happy holidays to you and yours. Best, Susan

  • Josh Trent
    Posted at 08:51h, 13 December

    Such an absolute joy to speak with you on this podcast my friend! If I can breathe I can choose. With open arms I welcome everyone to the BREATHE program